Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Update: Breakthrough!

Update: Breakthrough!  The last pieces of the puzzle are falling in place!: “The holographic dual of an EPR pair has a wormhole”: 'We're not in Kansas anymore! This universe is a dream and everything around you is a projection. No, you didn't take the blue pill or anything, this is just the stunning conclusion of a report published in the journal 'Nature'.'  Entanglement and wormholes "are equivalent descriptions of the same physics(!)"  Creation of entanglement simultaneously gives rise to a wormhole.  Any set of entangled particles would actually be connected by a wormhole. Quantum entanglement is the fundamental ingredient underlying spacetime geometry (!)<BR>Remember my earlier, 'The Firmament is the medieval celestial sphere, the sky conceived as a solid dome.'  Similarly: 'The 3D space where quarks reside is a hypothetical boundary of a 4D world. In this 3D space, the entangled pair is connected by a of conceptual string. But in the 4D space, the string becomes a wormhole. Then use the  Holographic Principle, a concept invented by Maldacena (and t'Hooft) that states that a quantum theory with gravity in a given space is equivalent to a quantum theory without gravity in a space with one less dimension that makes up the original space’s boundary. In other words, black holes inside the 4D space and a wormhole between them are mathematically equivalent to their holographic projections existing on the boundary in 3D.  The laws of gravity holding together the universe may not be fundamental, but arise from something else: quantum entanglement. the geometry, or bending, of the universe as described by classical gravity, may be a consequence of entanglement, such as that between pairs of particles strung together by tunneling wormholes.  Maldacena has said that the numerical proof that these two seemingly disparate worlds are identical provides hope that the gravitational properties of our universe can someday be explained by quantum theory (!)'