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My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead part 5

Consciousness and communication metamorphose and with them core aspects—ego, individuality, connection to linear time, corporeality, gender identification, social order, etc.—- fundamentally transform. There is a vision or actualization of release from some or all limits of corporeal incarnation and the emergence of “glorified bodies” that have enhanced powers and various degrees of etherialization (spirits). More visual and telepathic modes of consciousness and communication emerge and this is part of a transformation of individuality into “Homo gestalt”—a new species where individual psyches are networked telepathically.' (Brown's ONE BODY) (Jonathan Zap). 'It is as if we have all become psychic with all thoughts interpenetrating creating a global schizophrenia.'

The sentiment among most Catholics and many Christians generally is that there would be no Secret Rapture, and that it's not Biblical. Only a few 'incoherent' verses in (mainly) Paul lend support. Paul was out of his depth and language resources. It is real as the corpses I laid out! The (inferior) remake of 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' (title = fairy clockstopping) informs us: 'If the Earth dies, you die. But if you die, the Earth survives.' Klaatu loads up spheres as Arks with specimens of all species in preparation for the Flood he intends to unleash. My clear task as space alien Klaatu is to rapture out billions! Given the option of saving the few remaining dwindling animals on the one hand and all the billions of you devils, my choice is clear! And I give the Secret Rapture it's proper name:


The Fall of Man doctrine: 'We cannot save the world and happily it doesn’t need saving… humans are only one of very many species, and not worth preserving. Later or sooner, they will become extinct. When gone, the Earth will recover. Long after the last traces of the human animal have disappeared, at least a few of the species it is bent on destroying will still be around, along with others that have yet to spring up. The Earth will forget mankind.' 'We've used up our Grace Period!'

We're faced with two stark possibilities. Satan's agenda is to leave the Earth a burned out cinder, with no life forms higher than the insects left. “If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago (prior to Civilization when we were native). If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.” (Edward O. Wilson). “The cleansing period will balance the earth once again.” 'The problem with letting nature take its course is that nature does not always have the best taste— nature smiles on the cockroach.' (Planetary Ashes and/or Ascension to Paradise?) The Lord's plan (my plan now that He's turned his back on us is to destroy all humans for the sake of the planet and it's few remaining animals. When God turns His back on us (God Against Us), we try to fend and flounder for ourselves and quickly self destruct and fall into anarchy and civil war. He holds up the balance scale with the animals on one side and humans on the other side and gives us His Final Judgment.

Brief excerpts from Margaret MacDonald’s 1830 Secret Rapture prophecy:

It was first the awful state of the land that was pressed upon me. I saw the blindness and infatuation of the people to be very great. I felt the cry of Liberty to be just the hiss of the serpent to drown them in perdition. It was just ‘no God’, ----

I saw the people of God in an awfully dangerous situation, surrounded by nets and entanglements, about to be tried, and many about to be deceived and fall. Now will THE WICKED be revealed, with all power and signs and lying wonders, so that if it were possible the very elect will be deceived. (Note: none of her notes in fact actually show she had a concept of a Secret Rapture.)

'In the last days, perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.' 2 Timothy
'God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity. As a result, they dishonor their bodies by sexual perversion with each other. - Even their women exchanged sexual natural relations for unnatural ones.' Rom 1:24.

APPENDIX: Scientific Derivation of Christian Religion Without the Requirement of Mindless Faith!
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Repeating, “Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." (Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft).
'Gnostic' knowledge is "learned" or "intellectual" knowledge and requires no faith - the Scientific Derivation. I collect in this appendix the various strands I set out earlier – connect all the dots. Jews Marx and Engels secularized Christianity – from Pie in the Sky to Pie on Earth (religion as 'the opium of the people'). But renegade Jew Jesus himself had just such an end result in mind when eventually the New Jerusalem would descend to Earth from Heaven. They insisted Communism was scientific and adduced the state of the art anthropological evidence (a science then in its infancy) such as that of Morgan. 'Rebellions against alpha-male chimp despotism created hunter-gatherer egalitarianism (primitive communism) which humans maintained for 90,000 of the last 100,000 years' (9/10 of the time we have been human beings!). 'Primitive communism is used by Marx and Engels to describe early hunter-gatherer societies, that had no hierarchical social class structures or capital accumulation.' Natives are communist! Marx claims that "the vitality of primitive communities was incomparably greater than that of ... modern capitalist societies." Engels states, “The social instinct was one of the most essential levers of the evolution of man from the ape. The first man must have lived in bands (primitive communism).” 'The economic basis of such equality was one of mass affluence. The hunters of the Palaeolithic lived, effectively, in a garden of Eden. They lived in a situation of mass, big-game plenty. The existence of a form of primitive communism is, for Marx and Engels, proof that the present system of class hierarchy is neither natural nor inevitable.' Again, 'Both Marx and Engels were heavily influenced by pioneering anthropologist Morgan's evolutionary history, which described the 'communism in living’ of native Americans.' I'm sure they'd be ecstatic with the vindication of their conjectures by modern anthropologist Christopher Boehm and others. 'Anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss showed primitive peoples were actually quite sophisticated. The accepted view held that primitive societies were intellectually unimaginative and temperamentally irrational. In this elevation of the savage mind and denigration of Western modernity, he was writing within the tradition of French Romanticism, inspired by the 18th-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (the "Noble Savage").' 'The first ever revolution, described by anthropologists as the ‘human revolution - (when we transformed from just another primate to human beings - homo Sapiens), was the transformation that created the first fully human societies in the form of communities of hunter-gatherers.' 'The neural structures of Homo sapiens were adapted for prehistoric life in small groups of foraging individuals. In such a face-to-face society, social order was deliberately organized to satisfy the needs of the known and recognizable members of the group.' This momentous transition to the first homo Sapiens (humans) instead of Alpha chimp bullying occurred the moment the first human said, 'If you are such a violent and evil bully/psychopath that you forcibly steal my woman and go on to abuse her, I'd rather die than stay here. Take her, she's mine! Further, if you are such a violent and evil bully/psychopath that you forcibly murder me, I'd rather die. Eventually, only you fornicators and murderers will be left and you'll all slay each other in anarchy and chaotic bloodshed. In the meantime, I will return again and again (as a ghost) to haunt you for your stealing my woman and for your murder of me. If you murder me, I may be able to take you down with me since we are both wired together on the Collective Unconscious. It all comes out in the wash/life review on (collective) Judgment Day! Very soon, you will stand before my Great White Throne and receive your Judgment from the Lord for your evil deeds!'

' I'm walking behind you - on your wedding day
And I'll hear you promise - to love and obey
Though you may forget me - you're still on my mind
Look over your shoulder - I'm walking behind
'     (the 'Best Man'–her Shadow Ghost)     (Frank Sinatra)

So there is a scientific basis for altruism. When Jesus said, "You have heard that it was said, 'Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.' (Old Testament Law). But I say to you, do not resist an evil person, but whoever strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him also the other,” he was not simply commanding 'goody two shoes' behavior (altruism), but the only behavior that prevents our losing our very humanity. Note that Muslims are still in the barbaric Alpha chimp stage prone to psychopathic despot rulers. Acting upon an 'eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.' (turns the planet into a bloody slayground).
Masse Bloomfield in 'Mankind in Transition' has written that 'human societies follow punctuated equilibrium which would mean first, a stable society, and then a transition resulting in a subsequent stable society with greater complexity.' This model claims mankind arose from animal society, a transition to a stable tribal society, another transition to civilization leading up to industrial society. This corresponds to Herbert Spencer's 'Social Darwinian' view of evolution as a progression from simple to complex. Even Obama refers to Herbert Spencer's Social Darwinism ('Winner-Take- All!)! "Hardly was Darwin recognised," states Engels, "before these same people saw everywhere nothing but struggle. "The whole Darwinian theory of the struggle for life is simply the transference from society to organic nature of Hobbes’ theory of Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes (the War of All Against All), and of the bourgeois economic theory of competition, as well as the Malthusian theory of population. When once this feat has been accomplished (the unconditional justification for which, especially as regards the Malthusian theory, is still very questionable), it is very easy to transfer these theories back again from natural history to the history of society, and altogether too na├»ve to maintain that thereby these assertions have been proved as eternal natural laws of society." Marx's critique of both Malthus' overpopulation and of Social Darwinism derives from the fact the earth is out of balance. 'Believing in Malthusian and Darwinian ideology would require you to cull the masses - and not just by the usual means of wars and "low-level conflicts.' “The cleansing period will balance the earth once again.” 'Most of the lives of hunter-gatherers are not spent at a workplace away from friends and family but in talking, resting, sharing, and celebrating; in short, in being human.' 'Because of the extremely long period during which humans evolved without the capacity to accumulate wealth, we have become constitutionally predisposed to exhibit antihierarchical feelings giving our ancient hunter-gatherer forbears the capacity to control free-riders through collective policing, using gossip and informal meetings as the method of collecting information.' 'Primitive egalitarianism is uneasy and fraught with tension. But it is real.' Paul Ehrlich says in 'Human Natures: Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect,' “In the transition to the modern hunting and gathering Homo sapiens, there must have been a general trend toward softening of chimp-like dominance hierarchies, enabling evolution of the increasingly egalitarian, nonstratified societies that many scholars believe were characteristic of our hunter-gatherer ancestors (Primitive Communism). In them, coalitions would have limited the power of otherwise dominant individuals (bullies) . Furthermore, given that early hunting and gathering societies rarely had surpluses of food, the advantage of dominance would have been less than in agricultural societies. In the latter, as we will see, dominant individuals could appropriate the surpluses for themselves and begin the process of stratification and specialization that led to political states (Winner Take All – Social Darwinism.)” Also, “The Egalitarian Ape: All for All and None for One”: 'humans are cleverly capable coalition-builders. By acting collectively, the underdogs can rise in power and/or reduce the power of others.' The argument of Christopher Boehm, 'Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior' (1999: 'Small bands/tribes evolved egalitarian behavior (unlike that exhibited by other primates). With the advent of agriculture and larger societies this egalitarianism broke down and we saw the rise of governments and hierarchies which seek to keep people in line through rules, regulations, and hierarchical power rankings rather than through the egalitarianism that can still be witnessed in hunter/gatherer groups.' 'Domestication of animals and plants following the Neolithic Revolution through herding and agriculture was seen as the turning point from primitive communism to class society as it was followed by private ownership and slavery, with the inequality that they entailed.' 'Centralized, autocratic government has so much military or police power that it can impose degrees of political control beyond a chimp alpha-male’s wildest dreams.' 'The white man speaks with a forked tongue.' 'Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World' by Richard Moore, “Our species has been fully human for about 100,000 years, and only the last 10% of that – a brief episode for our species – has been characterized by hierarchy and centralized governance. We are presented with the Hobbesian myth that early humans lived a short and brutal life, and the Social Darwinist myth that our evolution has been driven by dog-eat-dog competition. In reality, early societies were highly cooperative and egalitarian. Civilization is not a reflection of human nature, but is rather a system of domination and exploitation by ruling elites. - The source of our crisis is the dominator culture itself. Environmental collapse and capitalism are merely the terminal symptoms of a chronic cancer, a cancer that has plagued us for ten thousand years.” 'The evolution of civilization has been the by-product of a game played among elites, who deploy their pawns and soldiers, and defend their castles, competing to see who can conquer the others, and who can gain the biggest kingdom and capture the grandest treasure of gold and minerals. The game goes on to this day as the last remaining super power—acting in service to its corporate elite—seeks to increase its control a game rigged so that elites always win.' (the 10,000 year Shell Game). 'Our civilized societies are plagued by all manner of hierarchical organizations, controlling every aspect of our lives democracy as a smokescreen for continuing elite rule.' 'The great schism between the principles of democracy and the practices of modern rational governments has brought about not only widespread public frustration and anger, but also a general contempt among the ruling elites for the citizenry. While they cooperate with the established representational systems of democracy, they do not believe in the value of the public's contribution. Nor do they believe in the existence of a public moral code.' "This means that in dealing with the public, they find it easier to appeal to the lowest common denominator within each of us. That thinking often succeeds in reinforcing their contempt for a public apparently capable of nothing better." Even Obama refers to Herbert Spencer's Social Darwinism ('Winner-Take-All')! 'The advent first of agriculture and then of settled urban life has made possible--over the past 5,000 years--an expansion of social life through trade with distant strangers, which creates an abstract society governed by abstract rules. But this civilization of free individuals is painful for human beings because it represses the genetic instincts and desires of the human brain as adapted for life in small primitive groups. The demand for a just distribution in which organized power is to be used to allocate to each what he deserves (primitive communism), is thus strictly an atavism, based on primordial emotions. The demand for "social justice"--for a distribution of resources according to individual need and merit--is implicitly a demand to return to a primitive society. By contrast, a "free society" cannot be a "just society," because the spontaneous order of market competition and exchange does not allocate resources according to any shared standard of just deserts. This could also be called the "Popperian" theme, because Friedrich Hayek took it from Karl Popper's 'Open Society and Its Enemies', in which the popular appeal of the "closed society" is explained as an atavistic return to tribal morality based on personal relationships against the impersonal and abstract relationships of life in the "open society." Freud's myth 'corresponds to the unconscious fantasy structure of the obsessional personality - a style of personality dynamics Paul sees as essential to maintaining the bureaucratic institutions that comprise Western civilization.' 'Groups may be threatened, in fact or in fantasy, from within or without. Or both: As is well known, a group may deal with its internal anxieties by displacement and projection, so that an outsider or Other (be it individual or collective) is created as the source of the danger (xenophobia). We then have not only a fight-flight (or flight-fight) group, but group experience in the paranoid-schizoid position. It may be, however, that the intergroup drama is simultaneously played out in Oedipal terms. The group is then experienced as a family presided over by a protective parent (usually the father), while the Other is cast in the role of Satan or a barbaric horde.' 'The proto-Christian group, the Essenes, introduced Satan to characterize the `other' - other tribes, threatening strangers. By characterizing our enemies as satanic or evil, we can justify hatred (xenophobia), even mass slaughter.' 'Jingoism or xenophobia fosters an "us versus them" mindset - a form of elitism. Insecurity or fear leads to the aim of keeping those who might challenge their position from below being kept "in their place". 'The Absolute Xenophobe does not work and play well with others.' Knauft described what he called a 'U-shaped trajectory in human evolution, whereby a social primate, our common ancestor shared with the chimps exhibited strong hierarchical and ‘‘despotic’’ tendencies, which then led to a protracted period of relative egalitarianism among our hunting and gathering first human ancestors. Shortly after the domestication of plants and animals, however, the trend toward hierarchy and despotism reappeared.' 'Human beings are unique among species in their ability to cooperate in large groups. Our evolutionary endowment prepared us to navigate skillfully through that world of personal exchange. However, it did not prepare us to cooperate and trade with total strangers whom we had never met and might never see again. The basic psychological constitution is geared to deal with life in small groups, the "micro-cosmos." We live in two worlds, the face-to-face world of the tribe, family, school, and firm, and the impersonal, anonymous world of huge cities, hyper-specialization, and trans-world trade. Each world has its own set of rules, and we confuse them at our peril. As Friedrich Hayek writes in 'The Fatal Conceit': 'If we were to apply the unmodified, uncurbed, rules of the micro-cosmos (i.e., of the small band or troop, or of, say, our families) to the macro-cosmos (our wider civilization), as our instincts and sentimental yearnings often make us wish to do, we would destroy it - civilization itself! Yet if we were always to apply the rules of the extended order to our more intimate groupings, we would crush them. So we must learn to live in two sorts of worlds at once.' For Boehm, 'The disposition in question is not one that orients us specifically to equality, but one that makes us resentful of being unduly subordinated, however that happens to be defined individually--or culturally. Today's human egalitarians define inappropriate domination culturally, and do so on a hair-trigger basis. Group members are not just happily equal in the absence of dominant individuals, but rather must work to collectively dominate such potential dominators. In effect, the group as a whole becomes the alpha male.' (Brown's ONE BODY). One of the central features egalitarian syndrome is for people to deliberately hold down alpha behavior. Band members must “police” those who would seriously take advantage of the system, and this includes not only people who might be stingy, but also bullies, laggards, cheaters, and thieves. A prime challenge is to keep alpha-male bullying propensities under control. Prehistoric band dispositions to altruism could have been produced by totally unconscious sanctioning selection operating through social control at the group and individual levels disposed to dominate others through physical aggression or sorcery, or for those disposed to engage in theft, cheating, or committing incest punitive social selection was favoring the evolution of rule- sensitive consciences, which slowed down the expression of deviant tendencies positive social sanctioning differentiate helpful behavior that is “genuinely” altruistic from helpful behavior that is merely expedient because it is aimed solely at reputation enhancement we are likely to have been naturally selected to dissemble generosity; for instance, the self-serving presentation of self in everyday life (see Erving Goffman 'The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life'). Such purposive sanctioning selection has had substantial effects on human gene pools.' Boehm declares in his latest 'Moral Origins: The Evolution of Virtue, Altruism, and Shame' (2012): 'Our moral sense is a sophisticated defense mechanism. One of the biggest risks of group living is the possibility of being punished for our misdeeds by those around us. Bullies, thieves, free- riders, and especially psychopaths—those who make it difficult for others to go about their lives—are the most likely to suffer this fate. This social type of selection singles out altruists for survival.'
Anthropologist Brian Hare notes, 'Rape, murder and warring neighbors are all regular aspects of chimp life. Bonobo societies, however, are far more peaceful. The ancestors of bonobos found themselves in an environment where aggressive individuals fared poorly. By selecting for the most cooperative ones, evolution forged a "self-domesticated" ape. Bonobos and chimps have similar behaviors as youngsters. Like bonobos, juvenile chimps are very tolerant, peaceful. When they go through puberty, they change. So what happens to adolescent bonobos? Nothing! They don’t change. Their levels of play, their levels of sharing and sex, it all keeps going. They are Peter Pans.' "They never grow up, and they share." 'Bonobos are forever young.'
Avowed atheist evolutionary biologist E. O. Wilson in the 'The Social Conquest of Earth' calls the 'eusocial': 'The elementary drive to form and take deep pleasure from in-group membership easily translates at a higher level into tribalism. People are prone to ethnocentrism. It is an uncomfortable fact that even when given a guilt-free choice, individuals prefer the company of others of the same race, nation, clan, and religion. They trust them more, relax with them better in business and social events, and prefer them more often than not as marriage partners. They are quicker to anger at evidence that an out-group is behaving unfairly or receiving undeserved rewards. And they grow hostile to any out-group encroaching upon the territory or resources of their in-group.' 'The Price of Altruism: George Price and the Search for the Origins of Kindness,' (Oren Harman) notes that E. O. Wilson now 'believes that selection works at different levels (“multilevel selection” is another word for “group selection.”) - “Superorganisms” are literally giant vehicles and the altruism they foster are genuine and real.' (Norman O. Brown's ONE BODY). Ironically, repeating, but at the same time, note that (militant atheist) evolutionary biologist E. O. Wilson is 'particularly unsparing of organized religion, likening the Book of Revelation to the ranting of “a paranoid schizophrenic who was allowed to write down everything that came to him.” Also, he depicts religion as an archaic “trap” kept alive today by “purveyors of theological narcissism from the pope to the Dalai Lama..” “We’ve been spinning our wheels trying to talk about ways to bring the best of religion and science together,”and 'dismisses organized religion as fostering tribalism we no longer need.'. He has unwittingly has helped derive a scientific basis for altruism and for Christianity!

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Pierre Berthelot's (1827-1907) 'prophecy' , “Within a hundred years (from 1907 = approximately the 2010s).. God will come down to Earth with his big ring of keys and say to humanity, “Gentlemen, it is closing time.” The End is Near! (Note: quotes in this Appendix by or about Brown are colored brown to help distinguish them from my contribution. You'll note each time I switch from Brown's prose to mine a falloff in nuance and subtlety. Comparatively my writing is plodding and pedestrian and propagandistic.)

There two senses (at least) for Brown's title.
First, the approaching end of history and time.
'History is a nightmare from which I'm trying to awake.'
'Thatll beall for tody. Call it off. Godnotch, vryboily. End a muddy crushmess!'
'On the verge of closing time. --'
'It is later than you think.'
'Fieluhr? Filou! What age is at? It saon is late. What era's o'erring? Lang gong late. Faurore! Fearhouse! At last it past!'
'The thing that we dread has already happened. The thunder of the crash: -- The sense of an ending: Western Civilization is over.'
And secondly, 'Shut up shop, dappy. - And they all drank free.' It's up to us to insure that it's over.
Below are the citations that Brown in 1973 culled from Joyce's Wake (in quotes) and from Vico's New Science (labeled NS), and also some from Brown's earlier LOVE'S BODY (1966). Brown's comments are labeled NOB. Combining Joyce with Vico (an acknowledged influence on Joyce) would be, according to Joyce, a feat of: 'the book of doubledends Jined'. Brown entwined Joyce and Vico. Joyce uses the word salad of the mad (gibbering) and the slurred speech of the drunken. Finnegan is after all an Irish pub owner well acquainted with whiskey.

'He lifts up the lifewand and the dumb speak.' 'Array! Surrection!'

'One stands, given a grain of goodwill, a fair chance of actually seeing the whirling dervish, Tumult, son of Thunder.'

'For the Clearer of the Air on high has spoken.'

'Loud, graciously hear us'

'She, she she!  But on what do you again leer?  I am not leering. I pink your pardon.  
I am highly sheshe sheserious.'

The real apocalypse comes not with the vision of a city or kingdom, which would be still external, but with the identification of the city and kingdom with one's on body (NOB)

'the body is a historical variable'. (NOB)

It is part of tyranny of genital organization that it's slave are blind, and see not tyranny but natural necessity. The status quo bears the seal of familiarity until the seal is broken; the apocalypse. The revolutionary idea in psychoanalysis is the idea of the body as a (political) organization, a body politic; as a historical variable; as plastic. 'Man Makes Himself' (quoting Marxist archaeologist Gordon Childe); his own body; his image of the body; (quoting Blake) the Eternal Body of the Man is the Imagination.                      (NOB)

No more Greek revival (NOB)

'Lights, pageboy, lights!'

waiting to stop the show, the farce
waiting to bring the house down.          (NOB)

waiting for the new dawn                                            (NOB)

'It is just, it's just about to, it's just about to  rolywholyover.'

'tell Hell's well.'

'In the name of - - their holocaust, Allmen.'

'to remind us of how, in this drury world of ours, Father Times and Mother Spacies boil their kettle with their crutch.  Which every lad and lass in the lane knows.'

'It's as semper as oxhousehumper!'

'Roll away the reel world, the reel world, the reel world!'

'Shadows by the film folk, masses for the good people.'

'Finn, again!'

there were giants in the earth in those days - Genesis

-history begins with bestial giants (as in Finnegans Wake ) (NOB)

'The great fall of the oftwall entailed at such notice the pftjschute of Finnegan.'

The polis is polished

(woman is clean and tidy)

civilization is polite

is policed.  (NOB)

The delineaments of giants (NOB)

god-fearing giants, as opposed to the impious giants who continued the infamous communism of things and of women. (NS)

The entire original human race was divided into two species:
 the one of giants, the other men of normal stature; the former

 the latter Hebrews.  (NS)

Men first feel necessity, then look for utility, next attend to comfort, still later amuse themselves with pleasure, thence grow dissolute in luxury, and finally go mad and waste their substance.

That's where it's at: decline.
The Decline of the West                                            (O. Spengler)

First the age of the gods, then the age of heroes, then the age of men. The origin is sacred; the decline is secularization, process is profanation.                                            (NOB)

In all nations of the world the priests kept such doctrine secret even from their own plebs, whence indeed it was everywhere called secret doctrine, for sacred is as much as to say secret.                                           (NS)

As with Freud, it is primarily a matter of toilet training:
Mothers, like beasts, must merely have nursed their babies, let them wallow naked in their own filth. And these children, who had to wallow in their own filth, whose nitrous salts richly fertilized the fields, and who had to exert themselves to penetrate the forest, would flex and contract their muscles in these exertions, and thus absorb nitrous salts into greater abundance. They would be quite without that fear of gods, fathers and teachers which chills and benumbs even the most exuberant in childhood. They must have therefore have grown up robust, vigorous, excessively big in brawn and bone, to the point of becoming giants. (NS) These were at first impious men, who recognized no divinity; there were nefarious, since relations among them were not distinguished by marriages; and finally, not understanding society int the midst of this infamous promiscuity of things, they were alone like wild beasts, and hence weak and lastly miserable and unhappy because they were in want of all the goods that are needed to keep life safe.                                            (NS)

But if the peoples are rotting in that ultimate civil disease and cannot agree on a monarch from within, and are not conquered and preserved by better nations from without, then providence for their extreme ill has its extreme remedy at hand. For such peoples, like so many beasts, have fallen into the custom of each man thinking only of his own private interests and reached the extreme delicacy, of better of pride, in which like wild animals they bristle and lash out at the slightest displeasure. Thus no matter how great the throng and press of their bodies, they live like wild beasts in a deep solitude of spirit and will, scarcely any two being able to agree since each follows his own pleasure or caprice. By reason of all this, providence decrees that, through obstinate factions and desperate civil wars, they shall turn their cities into forests and the forests into dens and lairs of men. In this way, through long centuries of barbarism, rust will consume the misbegotten subtleties of malicious wits that have turned them into beasts made more inhuman by the barbarism of reflection than the first men had been made by the barbarism of sense. For the latter displayed a generous savagery, against which one could defend oneself or take flight or be on one's guard; but the former, with a base savagery, under soft words and embraces, plots against the life and fortunes of friends and intimates. Hence, peoples who have reached this point of premeditated malice, when they receive this last remedy and are stunned and brutalized, are sensible no longer of comforts, delicacies, pleasures and pomp, but only of the sheer necessities of life.                                            (NS)

- only barbarians are capable of rejuvenating a world laboring under the death throes of an unnerved civilization (NOB)

only barbarians are simple-minded enough to recognize the gods                                            (NOB)

The world's great age begins anew

The golden years return  --

A return to the first beginning

the return of the gods

the Second Coming.  (NOB)

In the jungle of the cities, the new barbarism.

It is later than you think.  (NOB)

Civilization is an altar, on which a sacrifice is being made.
Human sacrifice.           (NOB)

America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between. (quoting Oscar Wilde)                                            (NOB)

'On the verge of closing time.'

'Thatll beall for tody. Call it off. Godnotch, vryboily. End a muddy crushmess!' 

'Shut up shop, dappy.  -  And they all drank free.'

'during this swishingsight teilweisioned (Joyce's prophesy prior to regular TV broadcasts)'

'- the worst, it is hoped, even in our western playboyish world for pure mousefarm filth.'

'Kish is for anticheirst, and the free of my hand to him!'

the swan song of dying civilizations     (NOB)

'The poignt of fun where I am crying to arrive you at.'

'History is a nightmare from which I'm trying to awake.'

Is the proletariat the sober reality of the human condition – the necessity of labor -  (just as Cinderella's coach turned back into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight)
to be disclosed after the show is over,
after the farce has ended. (NOB)

Finnegan Beginnagain

we are back again

before the Birth of Tragedy

before the Gods of Greece    ('the world view and patterns of perception of Dawn People time, prior to the Classical Greeks & Rome, indeed prior to history' 'before the Greek invention of the polis cut us off from Nature in the first great act of alienation')

something more elemental.  (NOB)


'It darkles (tinct, tint) all this our funnaminal world.'

'Not Pater Noster but Panther monster.'

When the leopards break into the temple and drink the wine from the sacred chalice. The hour of the beast, or the barbarian - and they all drank free (NOB)

'The wild man from Borneholm has jest come to crown.'

Waiting for the return of the gods

witnessing the return of babarism

the new barbarians (NOB)

returning to primitive simplicity of the first world of peoples    (NS)

the simplicity to be acquired                 (NOB)

For a long period of time the impious races of the children of Noah, having lapsed into a state of bestiality, went wandering like wild beasts until they were scattered and dispersed through the great forest of the earth; and with their bestial education giants had sprung up and existed among them at the time when the heavens thundered for the first time after the flood.    (NS)

That frightful thought of some divinity which imposed form and measure on their bestial passions of these lost men and thus transformed them into human passions. - The giants, enchained under the mountains by the frightful religion of the thunderbolts, learned to check their bestial habit of wandering wild through the great forest of the earth, and acquired the contrary habit of remaining hidden and settled in their fields. - restraining also their bestial lust from finding its satisfaction in the sight of heaven, of which they had mortal terror.  So it came about that each of them would drag one woman into his cave and keep her there in  perpetual company for the duration of their lives.     (NS)

The origin of civilization, thunder; the origin of civilization, madness  (NOB)

They were out of their minds  

-- Man is maniac  (NOB) - (MASS PSYCHOSIS is the gibbering of the mad - thunder at the Tower of Babel)

Civilization originates in stammering, the builder is a stutterer: Balbus babbles; Balbus builder of the Tower of Babel. The thunder is God stuttering: to speak broken heaventalk.           (NOB)

'There must be some way out of here,' said the joker to the thief – Bob Dylan, 'All Along The Watchtower', creatively misheard by Norman O. Brown as 'joker to the priest.'

Brown quotes visionary seer William Blake, 'Embraces are cominglings from the head even to the feet, and not a pompous high priest entering by a secret place.'

The while we, we are waiting. we are waiting for. Hymn.

Violent eruption, vulcanism; the patient becomes violent as he wakes up. The madness of the millennia breaks out; madness is, Dionysus is violence.                                            (NOB)

Brown quotes Carlyle on the Koran: 'as toilsome reading as I ever undertook. A wearisome confused jumble, crude, incondite; endless iterations, long-windedness, entanglement; most crude, incondite; — insupportable stupidity, in short! Nothing but a sense of duty could carry any European through the Koran . . . It is the confused ferment of a great rude human soul; rude, untutored, that cannot even read.'                                           (NOB)

Stretch yourself, to the breaking point. It is not true unless it hurts; the evidence is martyrdom. Carrying the thought through to the end. - Extremism. Truth is not in safety or in the middle. - Aphorism is exaggeration, or grotesque; in psychoanalysis nothing is true except the exaggerations; and in poetry. - extravagant language; the road of excess which lead to the palace of wisdom (visionary seer Blake) – not to count the cost. Go for broke. Aphorism is recklessness; it goes to far. Intellect is courage; the courage to risk its own life; to play with madness. - Only the exaggerations are true. - Broken flesh, broken mind, broken speech. Aphorism, or symbolism, as in Finnegans Wake                                            (NOB)

'Whereas psychoanalysts view schizophrenics as trapped in private symbolic worlds they cannot distinguish from what we call reality, Brown regards schizophrenic thought as liberated from false boundaries between mental and physical categories.' The crucified body, the crucified mind. The norm is not normality but schizophrenia, the split, broken, crucified mind. "If we throw a crystal to the ground, it breaks, but it does not break haphazard but in accordance with line of cleavage it falls into fragments, where limits were already determined by the structure of the crystal, although they were invisible. Psychotics are fissured and splintered structures such as these. We cannot deny them a measure of that awe with which madmen were regarded by the people of ancient times." Split the stick and there is Jesus.                      (NOB)

It is not schizophrenia but normality that is split-minded; in schizophrenia the false boundaries are disintegrating. . . . . Schizophrenics are suffering from the truth. . . . Schizophrenic thought is "adualistic"; lack of ego-boundaries makes it impossible to set limits to the process of identification with the environment. The schizophrenic world is one of mystical participation; an "indescribable extension of inner sense"; "uncanny feelings of reference"; occult psychosomatic influences and powers; currents of electricity, or sexual attraction—action at a distance. . . . A Magnetic field of action at a distance; or a magical field . . . action at a distance, the center of Freud's interest in the “Occult.” Dionysus, the mad god, breaks down the boundaries; releases the prisoners; abolishes repression; and abolishes the principium individuationis, substituting for it the unity of man and the unity of man with nature. In this age of schizophrenia, with the atom, the individual self, the boundaries disintegrating, there is, for those who would save our souls, the ego-psychologists, "the Problem of Identity." But the breakdown is to be made into a breakthrough; as Conrad said, in the destructive element immerse. The soul that we can call our own is not a real one. The solution to the problem of identity is, get lost. Or, as it says in the New Testament: "He that findeth his own psyche shall lose it, and he that loseth his psyche for my sake shall find it."                     (NOB)

schizophrenia as a return to egoless perfection, to a state of undifferentiatedness, ...
Primary narcissism is egoless.                                           (NOB)

Symbolism is on the track of a former identity, a lost unity. - - The tendency of the sexual instinct is to restore an earlier state of things, an earlier state of unity. - - Union and unification is of bodies, not souls. The erotic sense of reality unmasks the soul, the personality, the ego; because soul, personality and ego are what distinguish and separate us; they make us individuals, arrived at by dividing till you can divide no more—atoms. But psychic individuals, separate, unfissionable on the inside, impenetrable on the outside, are, like physical atoms, an illusion; in the twentieth century, in this age of fission, we can split the individual even as we can split the atom. Souls, personalities, and egos are masks, spectres, concealing our unity as body. For it as one biological species that mankind is one—the ’species essence’ that Karl Marx looked for; so that to become conscious of ourselves as body is to become conscious of mankind as one. . . .
It is the erotic sense of reality that discovers the inadequacy of fraternity, or brotherhood. It is not adequateas a form of reunification of the human race. We must either be far more deeply unified or not at all. The true form of unification which can be found either in psychoanalysis or in Christianity, in Freud or Pope or Karl Marx – is – we are all members of one body.
"The patient connects herself with everybody."
"You and I, are we not the same? . . . Sometimes I cannot tell myself ...” - -
The unification of the human race: a mental fight, a struggle in and about men's minds. The rents, the tears, splits and divisions are mindmade; they are not based on the truth but on what the Buddhists call illusion, what Freud calls unconscious fantasies. The prevailing sense of reality, the prevailing forms of knowledge, are ruled by the instinct of aggression and division, are under the dominion of the death instinct. We are in Satan's kingdom; to build a Heaven in Hell's despite is to construct an erotic sense of reality. - -
We are all fractions. We are broken
When the infant realizes his separation from the mother in the oral stage of sexuality, he denies separation (and thus external reality) and begins to invest in a dream of regainable pleasurable union. Negation of the external is an act of the death "instinct".
The reunification of Life and Death - accepting for a moment Freud's equation of Death and Nirvana – can only be envisioned as the end of the historical process                                            (NOB)

'The unconscious' is a 'cauldron of seething excitement'(NOB)                                 

The reality of our life, the reality of which we are ignorant, the reality which we do not want to accept, is our fluid membership and causal interdependence in the intercommunicating world of bodies.                     (NOB)

The unconscious, then, is not a closet full of skeletons in the private house of the individual mind; it is not even, finally a cave full of dreams and ghosts in which, like Plato's prisoners, most of us spend most of our lives -
The unconscious is that immortal sea which brought us hither; intimations of which are given in moments of 'oceanic feeling'; one sea of energy or instinct, embracing all mankind, without distinction of race, language, or culture; and embracing all the generations of Adam, past, present, and future, in one phylogenetic heritage, in one mystical body.           ('You're not just a drop in the ocean (of billions), but the ocean in the drop - 'the Sea of Love' – the Reichian orgone. (Deepak Chopra.)                      (NOB)

Human culture is a set of projections of the repressed unconscious - to project the infantile complexes into concrete reality.                                        &n bsp;                       (NOB)

The fund of personality, the fund of soul-stuff available, is fixed and collective. The only soul is the group-soul, and this consists of nothing but group functions - - Personality is not innate, but acquired. Like a mask, it is a thing, a fetish, a fetishistic object or commodity - - - a person never owns his own person, but always represents another, by whom he is possessed. And the other that one is, is always ancestors; one’s soul is not one’s own, but Daddy’s                                (NOB)

The psychic state of symbiosis revolves around the longing for “oneness.” Under the spell of symbiotic fantasy, distinctions between self and Other blur. Norman O. Brown suggests that the primal act of the human ego is a negative one—“not to accept reality, specifically the separation of the child's body from the mother's body.” Symbiotic fantasy functions to deny separateness. Instead of conceiving of oneself as a singularity, one imagines that one is contained within an “omnipotent system—a dual unity within one common boundary.”                                (NOB)

The fall is into language.... And overcoming the consequences of the fall is speaking with tongues. ... a second fall into the second innocence; verbum infans, the infant or ineffable word. . . To restore to words their full significance ... is to reduce them to nonsense.... Get the nothingness back into words ... Empty words, corresponding to the void in things.                                (NOB)

Schizophrenics pass beyond ordinary language (the language of the reality- principle) into a truer, more symbolic language' and 'attain the mad truth.                                (NOB)

to construct an erotic sense of reality. (To do so is) to become conscious of symbolism. Symbolism is mind making connections (correspondences) rather than distinctions (separations).                                (NOB)

Death is an enemy because we have too much unlived life within us (paraphrase)                                 (NOB)

Psychoanalysis is always the discovery of the unconscious; the turn to mass-psychology is the discovery that the unconscious is collective                                (NOB)

the hidden aim of sublimation and the cultural process is the discovery of the lost body of childhood                                (NOB)

the way back behind the processes of sexual organization is not toward the womb but rather toward a transformed narcissism culminating in joyful and loving unification with others.                                (NOB)

The unconscious to be made conscious; a secret disclosed; a veil to be rent, a seal to be broke open                                (NOB)

the mystical body is not, because mystical, therefore, non- bodily                                (NOB)

silence is the mother tongue                                (NOB)

predominance of vicarious entertainment in - the life of the masses - - what visionary seer Blake would call spectral enjoyment - everything on TV; the lifestyles of the rich and famous offering vicarious participation in spectacles of waste; spectator sports offering vicarous agonistics; democracy restricted to mass voting for media stars.                                (NOB)

The gods return in thunder. FINNEGAN'S WAKE is thunder                                 (NOB)

What the thunder said 'dumbfounding
wonderstruck us as a thunder, yunder.
Well, all be dumbed!'                                 (NOB)

There is an era in which the god himself assists the universe on its way and helps it in its rotation. There is also an era in which he releases his control. Thereupon it begins to revolve in a contrary direction under its own impulse. At last, this cosmic era draws to its close, disorder comes to a head. The few good things the universe produces are polluted with so great a taint of evil that it hovers on the very brink of destruction, both it and the creatures in it. Therefore at that very moment the god who first set it in order looks down upon on it again. Beholding it in trouble, and anxious lest racked by storms and confusion it suffer in dissolution, he takes control of the helm once more. - Plato                                            (NOB)

a cyclical view of history
a cycle of world ages
as in the mystical tradition, the occult tradition
The occult tradition is an aristocratic tradition
Religion is racism.
Vico anticipates de Maistre.
The 'New Science' is the 'Secret Doctrine' (Blavatsky)
Vico's occultist elitism.
Vico is an Orphic Voice                                                   &n bsp;                                   (NOB)

Ritual clowns in primitive religion violate taboos and thereby acquire magical power. 'You shall regard nothing as sacred.' Other traits of ritual clowns are 'reverse behavior' and 'backward speech.' Clowns say the opposite of what they mean. Like a crazy fellow. Speaking a strange language. As in 'Finnegan's Wake.'      (NOB)

The phallus is so closely identified with magic in Roman religion that the word fascinum meaning 'enchantment', 'witchcraft' (cf. fascinate), is one of the standard Latin terms for the phallus.                                        &n bsp;             (NOB)

'We are once amore as babes awondering in a wold made fresh - The woods are fond always. As were we their babes in. And robins in crews so'.

'The hundredlettered name again, last word of a perfect language'.

It must have been the most ancient language of Atlantis                                 (NS)

The testimony of schizophrenia: _they eat and are eaten._ Schizophrenia is 'food trouble'                                 (NOB)

'between explosion and reexplosion (Donnaurwatteur! Hunderthunder!)'

The Ginnungagap: the name given in the Icelandic Eddas to the interval of timeless formlessness between world aeons.           (NOB)

Somewhere, parently, in the ginnandgo gap between antediluvious and annadominant'

'For a burning world is come to dance inane.

Are you not danzzling on the age of a vulcano?'

While alive Be a Dead man; Thoroughly dead                       (NOB)

God does not go for personalities; nor does the Last Judgment consist in the award of prizes to personalities for the performance of their parts. The performance principle must go; the show must not go on. The parts are not real: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus; he is not your personal savior. In the Last Judgment, the apocalyptic fire will burn up the masks and the theater - - psychoanalysis is not 'ego psychology' - ; the ego is a 'me' fabrication, a piece of illusion (Maya).                       (NOB)

if consciousness is all words and no silence, the unconscious remains unconscious. To redeem words, out of the market place.                                           (NOB)

Out of this world; out of Vanity Fair; out of the market place. Put the mind out of business. Words are to be redeemed; taken out of the market place.                                           (NOB)

Vico recovers creative madness, or fury:
Vico belongs to the Hermetic tradition.
another Orphic voice, another Neo-Platonist.                                (NOB)

Divine idiocy – a perfect symbol for the absurdity of outworn conventions, for paralyzed social and political structures.                                            (NOB)

I sometimes think I see that civilizations originate in the disclosure of some mystery, some secret; and expand with the progressive publication of their secret; and end in exhaustion when there is no longer any secret, when the mystery has been divulged, that is to say, profaned. And so there comes a time -- I believe we are in such a time, when civilization has to be renewed by the discovery of new mysteries, by the undemocratic but sovereign power of the imagination, by the undemocratic power which makes poets the unacknowledged legislators of mankind, the power which makes all things new.
The power which makes all things new is magic. What our time needs is mystery; What our time needs is magic.          (NOB)

To rise from history to mystery is to experience the resurrection of the body here now, as an eternal reality; to experience the parousia, the presence in the present, which is the spirit; to experience the reincarnation of the incarnation, the second coming, which is his coming in us.                             &n bsp;                    &n bsp;                    &n bsp;                       (NOB)

I think mind is at the end of its tether. - - Our real choice is between holy and unholy madness: open your eyes and look around you--madness is in the saddle anyhow. It is possible to be mad and to be unblest, but it is not possible to get the blessing without the madness; it is not possible to get the illuminations without the derangement.                               (NOB)

To seduce the world to madness                           (NOB)

The outcome of psychoanalysis is the discover that magic and madness are everywhere, and dreams is what we are made of. The goal cannot be the elimination of magical thinking, or madness; the goal can only be conscious magic, or conscious madness; conscious mastery of these fires. And dreaming while we are awake. - The mad truth: the boundary between sanity and insanity is a false one. The proper outcome of psychoanalysis is the abolition of the boundary, the healing of the split, the integration of the human race.                            (NOB)

Psychoanalysis is that revolving state which completes this revolution, disclosing the bedroom and the bathroom behind the bourgeois facade, disclosing the obscenity of the on-stage scene, abolishing the reality- principle and its unreal distinction between private and public, between head and genital.                            (NOB)

The woman penetrated is a labyrinth. You emerge into another world inside a woman. The penis is the bridge; the passage to another world is coitus; the other world is a womb cave - and the cave in which coitus takes place is the grave - death is coitus and coitus is death. Death is genitalized as a return to the womb; incestuous coitus. - The staff that cleaves the waters is the dead man's body; the corpse; the stiff that ejaculates the soul or semen is the penis. Penis or corpse, stiff as stone; a perpetual erection, or monument.                                           (NOB)

Political power is a web woven; a politic well-wrought veil; the veil of deceit, the veil of Maya. It is a non-existent cloth, the Emperor's New Clothes.                                           (NOB)

the father image is a thin mask covering the image of the pre-Oedipal mother.                                           (NOB)

In the collective unconscious Freud finds what he calls an “archaic heritage, or “phylogenetic inheritance.” - “Archaic heritage,” i. e., archetypes; at any rate, the phylogenetic factor is the symbolic factor, the former identity or lost unity which symbolic consciousness recovers.                                            (NOB)

To explore is to penetrate: the world is the insides of the mother's body                                           (NOB)

All work is women's work. Every commodity is, as Marx says, a fetish, that is to say a non-existent penis. An investment.                      (NOB)

'A way a lone a last a loved a long the / riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.' (Howth Castle and Environs is Joyce's version the peasants brandishing torches and pitchforks and storming (my) Frankenstein's castle as it goes up in flames in my Conflagration at the End of the Show/End of the World. )

waiting for the return of the theocratic age - to recognize the gods, to greet them. (Heidegger)              (NOB)

Confusion, source of renewal.                                    &n bsp;    (NOB)

Imaginative metaphysics shows that man becomes all things by not understanding them.                 &nb sp;                   ;    (NS)

'Hip champouree! Hiphip champouree! O you longtailed blackman, polk it up behind me! Hip champouree! Hiphip champouree!'

It is not that children, neurotics, and primitives are so stupid as to be unable to discriminate between words and things; it is that they not are so repressed as to be unaware that personality is a social fiction, a name a magical invocation of a particular role in the social drama.                                           (NOB)

Psychoanalysis shows the sexual organization of the body physical to be a political organization; the body is a body politic…'genital organization'...a political arrangement arrived at after stormy upheavals in the house of Oedipus…a well-organized tyranny.                                           (NOB)

Literal meanings as against spiritual or symbolic interpretation, a matter of Life against Death. The return to symbolism, the rediscovery that everything is symbolic - - all metaphors are sexual, a penis in every convex object and a vagina in every concave one - - is psychoanalysis. A return or turning point, the beginning of a new age (Aquarius?); the Third Kingdom, the age of the spirit prophesied by Joachim of Fiore; or the second coming, the resurrection of the body.                                           (NOB)

The real meaning of technology is its hidden relation to the human body; a symbolical or mystical relation.                                            (NOB)

In Ferenczi's apocalyptic theory of genitality the sexual act is a historical drama, a symbolic reenactment or recapitulation of all the great traumas in the history of the individual, of the species, of life itself. Psychoanalytic time is not gradual, evolutionary, but is discontinuous, catastrophic, revolutionary. The sexual act is a return to the womb. - The 'uterine regressive trend in the sex act' is an aspect of the universal goal of all organic life - - to return to the lifeless condition out of which life arose. 'The goal of all life is death.' In this philosophy and the main stages of biological evolution (sexual differentiation, adaptation to dry land) are catastrophes excited by external forces: these catastrophes create 'tension'; and the aim of life (or of evolutionary adaptation) is to get rid of the tension, and so die. Life is a temporary (accidental) disturbance in a lifeless (and thus peaceful) universe. It is best, then, never to have been born, and second best, quickly to die. Nirvana is release from the cycle of rebirth. The real death is the death we are dead with here and now.                                           (NOB)

Resisting madness can be the maddest way of being mad.                                           (NOB)

the first effect of the “influencing machine” to which schizophrenics imagine themselves plugged in – the Cartesian world as machine - is to make the patient see pictures "something like a diluted reel of film in my brain." Pictures: spectral images on the inside, which represent external reality to the subject. ..                                (NOB)

The wandering heroes are phallic heroes in a permanent state of erection; pricking o'er the plain.                                           (NOB)

Our sexual inversions are symptoms of our having only part rather than the whole - - sado-maschochism, transvestitism, onanism, homosexuality - - are all attempts to regain the primordial unity of the combined object.                                           (NOB)

To idealize is to idolize; to make an idol; to translate into a fixed image for contemplation; to turn into monumental form; to turn into stone. To concentrate on seeing is to turn into stone; Medusa's head; castration.                                           (NOB)

Politically we are endlessly docile. We lust after authority. Toward authority we are infantile-dependent. We foist off our responsibility on others: our vicars act vicariously in our places, and the presidency can be turned into a virtual dictatorship just under our lethargic gazes. The parallel is with a child's-eye view of the primal scene, the parents in coitus, and the effect of the primal scene is castration. We become voyeurs rather than participators. Genital organization rather than polymorphous perversity.                                           (NOB)

'Finnegans Wake'is not about anything, it is that thing itself.                                            (NOB)

As man becomes mythy again; that it to say mute.                                 (turned to stone)                                           (NOB)

This was the order of human institutions: first the forests, after that the huts, the the villages, next the cities and finally the academies.                                            (NS)

First the divine, a dumb language of hieroglyphics                                             (NS)

Mute speech is hieroglyph. - Myth is mute speech.                                            (NOB)

The language of the gods is not spoken words but signs                                           (NOB)

A hieroglyphic or sacred or secret language, by means of mute acts.                                           (NOB)

Apocalypse strips away the decent draperies on which the whole big lie depends, false front, the screen of wall that separates the public sphere from the private parts.                                            (NOB)

Brown quotes Plato at length, 'Behold! human beings live in a sort of cavernous underground chamber, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the den; here they have been from their childhood, and have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way; and you will see, if you look, a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets.'                                            (NOB)

speaking with tongues; the primordial language, from before the Flood or the Tower of Babel – the dialect of God is solecism.                                            (NOB)

'Barbarism, or speaking with tongues
     as in Finnegans Wake
     polyglot turning into glossolalia.
At Pentecost tongues of fire, a flame in the shape of the male member.
Speaking with tongues if fiery speech, speech as a sexual act - '                                           (NOB)

The natural man is transformed into superman: “We fleshly earthly men are to become gods.”                                            (NOB)

The proper response to poetry is not criticism but poetry.                                           (NOB)

Everything is only a metaphor, there is only poetry.                                           (NOB)

To find the true war, the true sacrament; to avoid idolatry (Moloch); it is all a question of symbolism.            (NOB)

hypnotism which makes world opinion; hypnotism which makes the world go round.                                           (the spell of the Whore of Babylon – the Dolls)                                            (NOB)

As in schizophrenia: “what happens to the person's own body – is identical with what happens in the universe.” - The body that is identical with the environment.                                           (NOB)

To bring this world to an end: the consummation devoutly to be wished, the final judgment. - A fiery consummation 'Creation will be burned up, & then, & not till Then, Truth or Eternity will appear. It is Burnt up the Moment Men cease to behold it.' (quoting visionary seer Blake)                                            (NOB)

The apocalypse lays bare the mystery of kingship; stripping off the Emperor's New Clothes, to reveal the harlot. Kingship is fornication – the identity of politics and sex. In the apocalypse the walls do fall; the walls separating inside and outside; public and private; body physical and metaphysical. The identification of sex and politics; as in psychoanalysis.                                           (NOB)

Brown paraphrases, 'In the Apocalypse the chief thing to be unveiled is the great whore, Babylon, the great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth. Babylon is a whore; she it is with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication. The mother of harlots is the mother of kings. In the Apocalypse, pomp, power, and politics is discovered to be sex. Perverted sex, sado-masochistic sex, striving for impossible satisfaction; the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication, and she is drunken with the blood of the saints. Perverted sex; Satanic mills and looms.          (NOB)

Brown quotes, 'An I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood and fire and the vapor of smoke; the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall turn into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come.'  n         (NOB)

We shall not all sleep. The resurrection is the revelation of the sons of God.       (NOB)

Psychoanalysis stands or falls on the expansion on the idea of sexuality to comprehend the entire life of the human body; attributing a sexual ('erotogenic') action to all parts, organs, or 'zones'; or rather, envisaging sexuality as an energy diffused throughout the whole body, and capable of displacement from one part to another, and of transformation from one mode of manifestation to another (polymorphism; metamorphosis).                                           (NOB)

Amidst riches we are poor, precisely because we have made fetishes of our commodities and emptied or ejaculated ourselves into them.                                           (NOB)

The natural man is self-centered or egocentric; everything he regards as real he also regards as outside himself; everything he takes 'in' immediately become unreal and 'spectral.' He tries to become an armored crustacean alert for attack or defense; the price of selfishness is eternal vigilance. This kind of Argus- eyed tenseness proceeds from the sealed prison of consciousness which visionary seer Blake calls 'opaque.'                                           (NOB)

Definitions are boundaries; schizophrenics pass beyond the reality-principle into a world of symbolic connections: 'all things lost their definite boundaries, became iridescent with many-colored significances.' Schizophrenics pass beyond ordinary language (the language of the reality-principle) into a truer more symbolic language.                                           (NOB)

To overcome dualism would be to awake out of sleep; to arise from the dead.                                           (NOB)

The mad truth: The proper outcome of psychoanalysis is the abolition of the boundary, the healing of the split, the integration of the human race.                                           (NOB)

Psychoanalysis ends in the recognition of the reality-principle as Lucifer, the prince of darkness, the prince of this world, the governing principle, the ruler of the darkness of this world. The reality-principle is the prince of darkness; it's function is to scotomize, to spread darkness; to make walls of thick darkness, walls of separation and concealment. - The reality-principle is an unreal boundary drawn between real and imaginary.                                           (NOB)

“Animism, magic and the omnipotence of thought” - the child, the savage and the neurotic are right. (Quoting visionary seer Blake) 'Mental things alone are real.' The real world, which is not the world of the reality- principle, is the world where thoughts are omnipotent, where there is no distinction between wish and deed. - the unconscious is the true psychic reality.                                           (NOB)


Norman O. 

Revealing Portrait of Norman O. Brown

Greenham dust cover of Brown with a smile somewhere between impish (fairy) and regal. Brown subconsciously signals others to stay away not because he is wrong, but because he is dangerous and carries a potentially deadly blessing/infection. Brown here is a narcissistic fairy decked out in a royal costume complete with self appropriated medals (compare with my legitimate White Armband Signs!) rising from his coffin (resurrection of the 'dead')! As Brown reminded, for Freud, resurrection signifies the stiffening and rising of the member (stiff corpse in rigor mortis=signifies erection - spring up - Sproing!). As he said, he's 'waiting for the new dawn.' Rise Up! 'When Heaven's portals shall be opened, and the millions that now lie captive in the grave shall spring into life, Day-Light and Liberty.' (William Blake). Brown anticipates his springing up (Sproing!) when:

' Graves all bursting saints all shouting
Heavenly beauty all around
What a hallelujah morning when the
last trump of God shall sound

Presumably he wasn't planning instead a surprise with a literal resurrection after his death in 2002! He would have shown up again by now! The photo is eminently fitting in view of Greenham's book title.
(I commented to David Greenham that, 'I haven't read his book, because as an academic tome it's too expensive! Gotta love the dust jacket photo, costume and all! I was very unaware when I corresponded with Brown from 1973 through 1986 that Brown grew up in England. This fact changes my perspective on his work. Many aspects suddenly make sense in hindsight'. Extensive excerpts are avaible from Google Books online.) Brown says of his work, 'His producers are they not his consumers?, 'The readers of Finnegans Wake are also its writers, for the book forces them to participate actively in creating the meaning of the text.' and “Really it is not I who am writing this crazy book. It is you, and you, and you, and that man over there, and the girl at the next table.” It is the way to the unification of the human race. 'The map of the soul's groupography.'

V For Vendetta

'V For Vendetta' - Norman O. Brown's ONE BODY (Allmen)

Note the many Muslims named Mohammad and, similarly, the numerous Latins named Jesus or Maria. They're making a statement that they all want to be one and the same (on the Collective Unconscious) = Brown's ONE BODY. The "vendetta mask" became 'a symbol of the Occupy Wall Street movement.'


(I think the numerous points of contact between my book and this one is an uncanny example of the occult which Gunn is so skeptical of!)
I commented to Joshua Gunn: 'I find many points of contact with your 'Modern Occult Rhetoric' and my site. I'll list in no particular order some of them:
Your first four paragraphs you rightly labeled 'earth shattering' and a 'ruse'. Based on your thoughts, I put down a few tentative ideas (key in Spinoza and Deleuze on your browser search/find). Yes, 'Anti-Oedipus' is not straightforward, and I don't list it in my Bib.
You distinguish occult rhetoric and occultic rhetoric, with your saying psychoanalysis is an example of the latter. I contend that my stuff is occult, not occultic. You may think I intended to employ irony and that it is occultic, but quoting my first page, 'You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.' You will see there that rhetoric is front and center. I use phrases that I call related: whistling, horse whispering, Mumbo Jumbo, the gibbering of the mad.
And Joyce, who you refer to, in the 'Wake' was also all about rhetoric. The Joyce of the 'Wake' is my major focus.
Mass media is your major concern as is mine. I mention the work of the Frankurt School, as you do in this area. One of my topics is the 'Stairway to Heaven' lyrics. I don't have to use backward masking or the Left Hand Path (sinister) to get at it's meaning.
Speaking of the Left Hand Path, I was pleased to see the Fool on the dust jacket. I picture the same Rider- Waite Tarot card on my site and discuss it. I talk about the Fool's yapping cur with which you end the book.')
His primary example is Satanic Ritual Abuse, but note "Satanic Ritual Abuse memories have to be screen memories for alien abductions, and the aliens had planted their memories of the cult experiences. But, if you go to the Satanic Ritual Abuse seminars, they'll tell you the opposite; they'll say that the UFO abduction experiences are all screen memories for actual Satanic cult experiences."


*____________, THE BODY OF GOD: FIRST STEPS TOWARD AN ANTI-THEOLOGY (1966-Horizon Press).


Pertinent excerpt: 'If god has come for judgment day, then apparently he means to kill us all. Because what happens when we die: we go to heaven or to hell. On judgment day, he takes the faithful to heaven, and, conveniently for god, earth becomes hell, so no special action is needed. Logically this sounds equivalent to extinction of the species. Everyone is denied the remainder of his natural life on earth, and is immediately given life after death, which must presume that death has occurred for all.'

*Hansen, G., THE TRICKSTER AND THE PARANORMAL (2001). (scholarly and valuable)



*Joyce, James, FINNEGANS WAKE (1939).



*Kötke, W., FINAL EMPIRE: THE COLLAPSE OF CIVILIZATION AND THE SEED OF THE FUTURE (1993/2007 reprint) (pioneering, definitive landmark).

Lachman, Gary, (aka Gary Valentine of 'Blondie'!) POLITICS AND THE OCCULT: THE LEFT, THE RIGHT AND THE RADICALLY UNSEEN (2008).




Paul, Robert A, 'Yes, the Primal Crime Did Take Place: A Further Defense of Freud's 'Totem and Taboo'.'(2011)



Robinson, Paul A., THE FREUDIAN LEFT: WILHELM REICH, GEZA ROHEIM, HERBERT MARCUSE (1969). (includes Norman O. Brown)

Roheim, Geza, ANIMISM, MAGIC AND THE DIVINE KING (1930) (referenced by Brown).

____________, MAGIC AND SCHIZOPHRENIA (1955) (referenced by Brown).




Sontag, Susan, “The Imagination of Disaster.” AGAINST INTERPRETATION AND OTHER ESSAYS (1966).

_____________, "Psychoanalysis and Norman O. Brown's Life Against Death." Ibid.


Tausk, Victor, 'On the origin of the 'Influencing Machine' in schizophrenia' (1933) (written 1919) (referenced by Brown).




__________, VICO AND JOYCE (1987).

Vico, G., THE NEW SCIENCE (1725).



*Weidner, Jay,
You touch on innumerable topics in common with those I discuss which I also agree with, although I seem to sometimes fall on the opposite side. Let me rattle off some in no order:

1. Vedic Scriptures (although I need to look at the Puranas)
2. The 10,000 Year World Age/Aeon/Cycle Now Ending (Western Civilization) and the failure of its central organizing principle (and thus Obama's floundering).
3. The approaching Golden Age (the New Jerusalem)
4. The GOOD Project (Get Out of Dodge - I prefer the acronym GOD) - which is my Secret Rapture (your Great Evacuation) for my Coming Conflagration to Cleanse/Cull/Pruning/Secret Rapture the Earth when I will remove billions- also called the Ascension or Global Blackout! You refer to a Coronal Mass Ejection, but the 'Nuclear Detonation' I will shortly unleash won't be visible to the eye (it will be hyperdimensional). Ed Dames (aka "Dr. Doom") also wrongly prophesizes my 'Killshot' as due to solar flares. This is my response to Overpopulation (your Culling/Cleansing/Evacuation), where I also refer to Cameron's 'Avatar', not to mention 'Stargate Atlantis' with its 'Wraiths' (= ghosts who feed upon humans!) and its 'Ascension'.

'Stargate Atlantis' Culling

In the Golden Age, we'll appear to be native, but will be in fact becoming the highly evolved the spiritual beings you prophesy, who can access these hyperdimensions/other dimensions/the Other World.
5. The Kabbalah
6. The Aryan Master Race/White Male Supremacy (out of the ancient Vedic Caste System via mainly Blavatsky/Waddell into the Nazis).
7. Smoke and Mirrors Deception/Trickery
8. Demigods
9. The Nephilim who mated with the fair daughters (Dollfaces/Cutie pies) of men.
10. The Flood (the Conflagration that I will send again) with the new Ark for those I Evacuate.
You'll find more commonalities, including my adaption of your Tetrahedral Hyperdimensional Double Cone Time Vortex.

*Wilson, Edward O., THE SOCIAL CONQUEST OF EARTH (2012) (group selection is the primary driving force of human evolution. Homo sapiens is eusocial, meaning group members are prone to perform altruistic acts).

Zerzan, John, RUNNING ON EMPTINESS: THE PATHOLOGY OF CIVILISATION (2002) (anarcho-primitivist anti- Globalist).

'The Event' TV - Time Travel Vortex/Matter Transporter Sucks Airliner Through A Null Point To Another Dimension

'♪ Is there something I should know?' (Duran Duran) “We may have a problem, --- he's going to tell about the Event.”

In Case Of Rapture, This Car Will Be Unmanned! - The Sudden Departure/Snatched!

'V' TV - 'Red' Rain (= Fairy Rain) Falls From My Hovering Motherships - Global Blackout! Unmanned!'♪ red rain is pouring down'(Peter Gabriel) 'We are of peace, always.' 'I come in peace.' Violence is never permitted.

'Fringe' TV - Tear Opens Between Parallel Universes!

Airliners Crash!

'Vanishing on 7th Street' (2011) - Left Behind!
Global Blackout (what Budd Hopkins calls 'Missing Time' in abduction cases due to Mass PTSD) causes people to vanish, leaving only their clothes and possessions behind (Left Behind = the Secret Rapture) 'Stay in the Light!'

Me Fairy Bowling From My Great White Throne Perch! Airliners Crash Into Buildings! (See WTC Attack) All The Dead Fly Up Out Of Their Coffins!

Repeat: The Secret Rapture/The Sudden Departure/Ascension/Global Blackout

'Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air.' 'Take me home, Lord!'

Dolls I Abduct(Suck Up) to My Hovering Saucers for Examination/Probing! = Raptured Out by Me! 'Energize! Beam me up, Scotty!'

My Chick Magnet

My Chick Magnet Which Vacuums Up/Sucks Up/Snatches Dolls! Angels, Come On Back Up Home In Heaven To Your Big Daddy!

'♪ Daddy's home - daddy's home - to stay'

Note my repeating theme of the tug of war between the two poles (males vs. females in command): her vacuum cleaner pulls us to Hell, and my vacuum cleaner sucks us up above to Heaven!

'Little Nicky' - Ladies! Come On Up And Rejoin My Choir Of Heavenly Angels For My Heavenly Music Of The Spheres! (My Harem)

'Alien UFO' Cattle Mutilation 


Repeat: 'Alien UFO' Cattle Mutilation Hoax - Sucked Up to My Hovering Mothership Saucer for Examination/Probing! (Compare with Last Image)

Repeat: 'Skyline' (2010) Humanity I Vacuum Up/Suck Up/Snatch/Yank! The Secret Rapture/Ascension!

In my second all time favorite movie, 'Skyline' (which had a low budget): 'Like moths to a flame, a light source in the sky is drawing people outside before they suddenly vanish into the air as an otherwordly force is swallowing the entire human population off the face of the earth (sucking up/vacuuming up humanity to their saucers).'('heavy duty vacuum cleaners come to cleanse the planet of humans and their environmentally destructive ways.') “The cleansing period will balance the earth once again.” 'Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air.' 'Take me home, Lord!' 'Beam me up, Scotty!' Note my repeating theme of the tug of war between the two poles (males or females in command): her vacuum cleaner pulls us to Hell, and my vacuum cleaner sucks us up above to Heaven! Repeating: The New York skyline is prideful man's challenge to God (me) and an attempt to storm Heaven by force (the Tower of Babel). One review labels the film: 'Mass Conditioning for those left behind after the Rapture.' "Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." (Prov. 16:18). 'The Greeks had a god specifically for the punishment of hubris, the goddess Nemesis.' (blasphemy = arrogantly usurping/appropriating the prerogatives of God) "How the mighty have fallen."