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My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead Part 1

My Inaugural Address

My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead

Alvin Miller

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ISBN 1468024213
© 2009 by Alvin Miller (All rights reserved)
EAN-13 978-1468024210
LC Class BT823. M56 2009
Dewey Decimal Class (DDC) 291
Last Things Press
BISAC: Religion / Eschatology
OCLC No. 49632860

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Introducing Myself
I'm the Captain!
The Joke
The Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead
The Taboo
White Armband
Instant Prophet
The Witches
My Favorite Sport
Defeating the Whore of Babylon
Getting You to Change Your Bedroom Behavior
I Must Rule!
I'm a Fairy – In Fact, the King of the Fairies!
My Princess Bride (My Sleeping Beauty)
The Jesus You Never Knew
Leaving the Fleshpots
Your Household
Instant Proof You're in Hell
The Tarot Cards
The Real Story of the World Trade Center Attack, the Tower of Babel for this World Age/Aeon/Cycle Now Ending (Western Civilization)
To Greet the New Golden Age of the Returning Gods - New Jerusalem Descending to Earth!
Legal Reform
Tax Reform
The Illegal Aliens
All Aboard My Time Machine!
Twinkle Town
The Global Economic Collapse (the Great Tribulation)
To the Heads of State in the Far East
Appendix: Two of My Papers (on the Ether and Quantum Relativity)
Appendix: The Secret Rapture
Appendix: Scientific Derivation of Christian Religion Without the Requirement of Mindless Faith!
Appendix: From Norman O. Brown's CLOSING TIME
Appendix: Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven'

REPEAT: TOPICS (with Illustrations List)
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Introducing Myself
     Online Image 1: The Space Ghost (Me)
     Image 2: Wild-eyed Baron Frankenstein (Me)
     Image 3: 'The Shadow Knows!' (Me)
I'm the Captain!
     Image 4: Captain Nemo (I Play My Heavenly Pythagorean Lyrical Music Of The Spheres)
The Joke
The Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead
     Image 5: Me on The Great White Throne (and I don't mean the toilet!)
     Image 6: Vincent Price Hosts 'House on Haunted Hill' (Me)
     Image 7: 'Dr. Strangelove' Nazi Stiff-Armed Salute Automatic Reflex (It Comes Up!)
     Image 8: Goose Stepping (Rigid = Erection) Marching Morons!
     Image 9: Amazulu (= I'm a Zulu) 'Excitable' Video - Nutty Fruitcake (Me)
     Image 10: Maternity Ward Babies About 50/50 Girls and Boys (Pink and Blue)
     Image 11: Leonardo Da Vinci 'Creation of Adam' Finger of God
     Image 12: 'E.T.' Finger
     Image 13: 'E.T.' Finger. Boy Fascinated (Frozen into Stone Statue By 'Magic Wand')
     Image 14: Hypnotized (Frozen into Rigid Stone Statue)
The Taboo
     Image 15: Far Out Space Cadet (Me) - Your Work May Be Mindless, But At Home You're A Rocket Scientist
     Image 16: 'Surrogates' (2009) Doll
     Image 17: 'Surrogates' (2009) Fairy Bowling
White Armband
     Image 18: White Armband Signs
     Image 19: Bosch's Wages of Sin
     Image 20: Muhammad As A Walking TimeBomb
Instant Prophet
The Witches
     Image 21: The Witches' Sabbath!
My Favorite Sport
     Image 22: 'Weird Science' (1985) Barbie Doll Sex Toy/Robot Conjured by Horny Nerds
     Image 23: 'Men who Stare at Goats' (2009) - Bowled Over!
     Image 24: Repeat: 'Surrogates' Doll
     Image 25: Repeat: 'Surrogates' Fairy Bowling
     Image 26: Clown Pratfall - Slip Sliding Away! All Fall Down! Megadeath!
     Image 27: 'FlashForward' TV Fairy Bowling. All Fall Down!
Defeating the Whore of Babylon
     Image 28: Castrating Medusa's head with Writhing Phallic Snakes Turns Men into Stone Statues and is Herself Frozen
     Image 29: 'Zardoz' Floating Frozen into Stone Disembodied Head with Castrating Toothed Mouth and Glowing Eyes
     Image 30: 'Time Machine' Sphinx Frozen into Stone Disembodied Head Feeds on Eloi
     Image 31: My 'Alien UFO' Cattle Mutilation Hoax/Deception - Sucked Up to My Hovering Mothership Saucer for Examination/Probing!
     Image 32: 'Zoom' (2006) 'Alien UFO' Cattle Mutilation, Academy for Budding Superheroes
     Image 33: Romantics - 'Talking in Your Sleep' Video - Tending Our Herd (Dolls Asleep - Hypnotized Under Our Spell)
Getting You to Change Your Bedroom Behavior
I Must Rule!
     Image 34: Clowns/Fools Watch the World Spinning 'Round
     Image 35: Cattle Cars. This Way to the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen!
     Image 36: The Real Secret Rapture!
     Image 37: 'Six Feet Under' The Secret Rapture/Ascension = Six Feet Under!
     Image 38:'Pushing Daisies' TV = Six Feet Deep! (Hollywood Plays For Keeps!)
I'm a Fairy – In Fact, the King of the Fairies!
     Image 39: Typical Fairy (Such As Me)
     Image 40: Michael Jackson
     Image 41: 'Psycho' Mother Fixated Knife-Wielding (Castrating) Swishing Cross-Dressing Dead Fairy
     Image 42: 'Saw' Kiddie Trike Dead Fairy Doll
     Image 43: 'Sin City' - Evil Dead Fairy Knife-Wielding (Castrating) Dwarf/Gnome - "That Yellow Bastard"
     Image 44: 'Clockwork Orange' Knife-Wielding (Castrating) Brainwashed Goon
     Image 45: Madonna and Child
My Princess Bride (My Sleeping Beauty)
     Image 46: 'The Wizard of Oz' - Smoke and Mirrors (Compare with Image 5)
     Image 47: 'Heroes' TV: 'How to Stop an Exploding Man' Peter Goes Nuclear!
     Image 48: 'Li'l Abner' Clown/Joker Jerry Lewis Goes Nuclear (Rigid) over Bombshell Doll 'Stupefyin' Jones (= Turned to Stone)
     Image 49: Harp Playing Angel/Leg Pull Clown Harpo Struck Dumb, Goes Nuclear and Sounds His Angel Trumpet over Bombshell Dolls!
The Jesus You Never Knew
     Image 50: Pie Fight!
     Image 51: 'The Ruling Class' - Delusions of Grandeur
Leaving the Fleshpots
     Image 52: 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' Subject under a Spell (Hypnotized)
     Image 53: Lumbering Stiff Armed (Rigid = Erection) Frankenstein
     Image 54: Repeat: Wild-eyed Baron Frankenstein (Me) Maniacally Shouts It's Alive! (It Comes Up!)
     Image 55: 'Stepford Wives' Stone Statues (Dolls) Knocked Over. Fairy Bowling!
Your Household
     Image 56: Bosch's Hell
Instant Proof You're in Hell
     Image 57: 'Skyline' (2010) Humanity I Vacuum Up/Suck Up/Snatch/Yank! The Secret Rapture/Ascension!
     Image 58: Alien Cosmic Chess Master (Me) God Wins Again! Checkmate and Match!
The Tarot Cards
     Image 59: The Fool
     Image 60: The Tower of Babel
     Image 61: The King of the World
     Image 62: The Hanged Man
     Image 63: Moody Blues - 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favor' - 'Boy' Shown The 'Light'
     Image 64: Andres Serrano's 'Art Works'
     Image 65: What Would Jesus Do? 'Halo' Light
     Image 66: William Henry's Light Body Stargate
The Real Story of the World Trade Center Attack, the Tower of Babel for this World Age/Aeon/Cycle Now Ending (Western Civilization)
     Image 67: Osama Bin Laden's Silver Fairy Seeds (All Fall Down! Megadeath!)
     Image 68: 'The Brain from Planet Arous' - Demented Pervert Alien Sex Fiend Madman Cackles
To Greet the New Golden Age of the Returning Gods - New Jerusalem Descending to Earth!
(The Time Vortex Funnel through the Null Point/Stargate/Wormhole/Ascension/Secret Rapture; Jay Weidner; the Culling; the 'New World Order Conspiracy')

     Image 69: King of the Fairies Oberon And His Queen Titania Fly Away Home To The Otherworld
     Image 70: TIMETABLE
     Image 71: The New Jerusalem Descending to Earth!
     Image 72: 10,000 Year World Age/Aeon/Cycle Now Ending (Western Civilization)
     Image 73: 'Antz' (1998) Cone Vortex Funnel through Null Point/Stargate Fleeing an Incoming Flood
     Image 74: Jay Weidner's Tetrahededral Hyperdimensional Double Cone Time Vortex Funnel through Null Point/Stargate
     Image 75: My Double Cone Time Vortex Funnel through the Null Point/Stargate/Doorway/Portal
     Image 76: Timetable with Three Divisions
     Image 77: Final Timetable: Collective Ascent of Humanity
     Image 78: 'Stargate' (1994) – Dead Fairy Reptilian Alien King RA with Glowing Eyes
     Image 79: 'Stargate' Anubis - Empty Vacuum
     Image 80: Repeat: The Tower of Babel
     Image 81: 'Inception' (2010) - Conflagration - Sky Vanishing Like a Scroll Being Rolled Up! Full Tilt! Slip Sliding Away!
     Image 82: 'Inception' (2010) - The World Turned Upside Down! Turned into Rigid Stone Statues! Fairy Bowling! All Fall Down!
     Image 83: Repeat: Hypnotized (Frozen into Rigid Stone Statue) Fairy Bowling! (Compare with Prior Image)
     Image 84: Make Room! Make Room! Scoop 'Em Up! Pile 'Em High! 'Soylent Green' (1974)
     Image 85: A Secret Rapture Prophecy? William Blake's Writhing 'Whirlwind of Lovers' in Hell (Dante's 'Inferno')
     Image 86: Rogues Gallery of Clowns/Thugs/Goons//Morons/Idiots
     Image 87: Grim Reaper (Death) On Throne With Castrating Scythe And Lightning Flashing
     Image 88: Skyline WTC Towers - Now You See Them, Now You Don't! (All Fall Down! Megadeath!)
     Image 89: 'The Event' TV - Portal Sucks Building To Another Dimension - Compare With The World Trade Center Implosion
Legal Reform
Tax Reform
The Illegal Aliens
All Aboard My Time Machine!
     Image 90: 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'- 'Let's Do the Time Warp Again'
     Image 91: My Gliding Swan Fairy Boat/Heavenly Throne Perch/Aerial Car/Starship/Chariot Crashs and Burns! (God = Me Down to Earth!)
     Image 92: 'Stardust' (2007) Swishing Cross Dressing Pirate Captain Helms Gliding Zeppelin Boat To Crash Landing!
Twinkle Town
     Image 93: Weird Science' (1985) Barbie Doll Sex Toy/Robot Conjured by Horny Nerds
     Image 94: Rainbow Painted Phallic Noah's Ark Spaceship (Seed to the Future)
     Image 95: 'Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow' - Toten Kopf's Ark for Animals
     Image 96: 'RocketShip X-M' - Real Source for Richard C. Hoagland's Cydonian 'Face on Mars'
     Image 97: Hoagland's Supposed Cydonian 'Face on Mars' (Compare with Movie Image)
     Image 98: Typical Rocket Crash - Hollywood's Warning ('20 Million Miles to Earth')
     Image 99: 'Flash Gordon' – Ancient Vedic Dreams Of Spaceships Deliberately Revisited (Vimanas) – To Seduce Us To Hell!
     Image 100: Young Future Doll I Repeatedly Bathe in My Green Alien Slime Via My TV!
     Image 101: Magician/Juggler Tarot Card Sleight of Hand Shell Game Card Sharp Parlor Trickster (Me)
     Image 102: Trickster/Huckster/Magician Johhny Carson Steals A Smooch from His Stacked Bombshell Doll Assistant
     Image 103: 'Passion Play' (2010) Angel Saved By Trumpet Player (Calling All Angels! Come Blow Your Horn!)
     Image 104: 'Legion' (2010) Warrior Archangel Michael Attacks in the War Between Heaven and Earth
     Image 105: The War Between Heaven And Earth At The New Tower Of Babel!
     Image 106: 'Supernatural' TV - My 'Junkless' Fighting Angel Of The Lord In The New War Between Heaven And Earth!
     Image 107: 'Constantine' (2005) Wrestling With My Archangel Gabriel!
     Image 108: The Last Airbender - Weather
     Image 109: Jesus Perched On Holy Mountain Watches Over All (And Rolls 'Boulders' Down On Climbers!)
     Image 110 The Last Airbender - Pie Fight!
     Image 111: Repeat: Pie Fight!
     Image 112: Harried White Rabbit Scurries Down the Rabbit Hole
     Image 113: Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole/Vortex/Black Hole/Manhole
     Image 114: 'Fringe' TV Vortex - An Unstable Wormhole Threatens To Suck The Entire World To Another Dimension!
     Image 115: Spirals: Mad Van Gogh's; Hurricane Eye; Norway Vortex Pinwheel
     Image 116: Hypnotic Spiral Eyes (Me)
     Image 117: Edgar Allan Poe's 'Descent Into the Maelstrom'- Sucked Into the Vortex!
The Global Economic Collapse (the Great Tribulation)
     Image 118: The Four Horsemen Ride!
     Image 119: 'Americathon' (1978) Pitiful Broke Uncle Sam Flashes His Potency
To the Heads of State in the Far East
     Image 120: Reich's Space Gun/Cloudbuster/Orgone Ether Accumulator!
     Image 121: Kate Bush – 'Cloudbusting' Video
     Image 122: Dead 'Alien' Film Space Gunner (Compare with Prior Image of Reich's (Phallic) Space Gun!)
     Image 123: Kate Bush – 'Experiment 4' Video - Madman Raptures Out his Psychiatrists! All Fall Down! Megadeath!
     Image 124: 'FlashForward' TV Finale. All Fall Down! (Compare with Prior Image where Madman Raptures Out his Psychiatrists!)
     Image 125: Mad Magazine – Alfred E. Newman. 'What, Me Worry?' Ladies, Would You Want to Marry Me?
Appendix: Two of My Papers (on the Ether and Quantum Relativity)
Appendix: The Secret Rapture
     Image 126: Collective Ascension Of Humanity Through The Stargate (Singularity)
     Image 127: The Rapture/Sudden Departure/Ascension/Global Blackout
Appendix: Scientific Derivation of Christian Religion Without the Requirement of Mindless Faith!
     Image 128: Repeat: Final Timetable: Collective Ascent of Humanity
Appendix: From Norman O. Brown's CLOSING TIME
Appendix: Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven'
     Image 129: Led Zeppelin - Hindenberg Crashes and Burns: 'Oh, The Humanity!'
     Image 130: Revealing Portrait of Norman O. Brown
     Image 131: 'V For Vendetta' - Norman O. Brown's ONE BODY (Allmen)
     Image 132: Stargate Atlantis Culling
     Image 133: 'The Event' TV - Time Travel Vortex/Matter Transporter Sucks Airliner Through A Null Point To Another Dimension
     Image 134: 'V' TV - 'Red' Rain (= Fairy Rain) Falls From My Hovering Motherships - Global Blackout! Unmanned!
     Image 135: 'Fringe' TV - Tear Opens Between Parallel Universes!
     Image 136: 'Vanishing on 7th Street' (2011) - Left Behind! Airliners Crash!
     Image 137: Me Fairy Bowling From My Great White Throne Perch! Airliners Crash Into Buildings! (See WTC Attack)
     Image 138: Repeat: The Rapture/Sudden Departure/Ascension/Global Blackout
     Image 139: Dolls I Abduct (Suck Up) to My Hovering Saucers for Examination! = Raptured Out by Me! Energize! Beam me up, Scotty!
     Image 140: My Chick Magnet Which Vacuums Up/Sucks Up/Snatches Dolls! Angels, Come On Back Up Home To Your Big Daddy In Heaven!
     Image 141: 'Little Nicky' Ladies! Come Up And Rejoin My Choir Of Heavenly Angels! (My Harem)
     Image 142: Repeat: 'Alien UFO' Cattle Mutilation Hoax - Sucked Up to My Saucer for Examination/Probing! (Compare with Last Image)
     Image 143: Repeat: 'Skyline' (2010) Humanity I Vacuum Up! Yank! Suck Up! The Secret Rapture/Ascension!
     Image 144: 'Skyline'(2010) 'Do Not Go Into The Light! Energize! Beam me up, Scotty!
     Image 145: 'Skyline'(2010) I Suck 'Em Up! Ascension!
     Image 146: 'Skyline'(2010) - 'Blown Away By The Light!' 'Gone With The Wind!
     Image 147: 'Super 8' (2011) All Fall Down! Slip Slidin' Away!
     Image 148: Beatles' Dead Celebrities - Graveyard Of The Stars!
     Image 149: I Reveal Myself As The Patched Clown Puppetmaster/Ringmaster As I Yank Everyone Else Off My Stage At The Death Of The Show (End Of The World!)
     Image 150: Whoosh! Snatched! Yanked! Sucked Up! Whisked Away! The Secret Rapture/Sudden Departure/Ascension! Called Up Home To Be With The Lord (Me)!
     Image 151: 'The Event' TV - The Real Secret Rapture! - Corpses On The Ground, - Airliner Appears In Desert, Roswell 'Crash' Vicinity. Bonus: These 'corpses' were later revived = the 'Resurrection of the Dead!'
     Image 152: Again, 'The Event' TV - Megadeath!
     Image 153: Repeat: The Real Secret Rapture! - Corpses On The Ground
     Image 154: What Would Jesus Do? Halo Light
     Image 155: 'Super 8' (2011) All Fall Down! Slip Slidin' Away!
     Image 156: Repeat: 'Passion Play' (2010) Angel/Doll on TV Screen. Come Blow Your Horn! (Compare with Next Image)
     Image 157: My Demented Pervert Sex Fiend B.E.M. (Bug-Eyed-Monster) UFO Exam/Probe/Grope of Dolls!
     Image 158: 'Barbarella' - I, The Evil Dr. Durand-Durand, Play My Orgasmatron!
     Image 159: Alien Sex Fiend (Me) - Submit to My Alien Pleasure Rays!
     Image 160: I Heart Alien Probing
     Image 161: 'Dr. Strangelove' - Cowboy Bronc Bustin'! Dropping The Big One! Down The Chute/Manhole!
     Image 162: Mad Palenque Astronaut/King Pilots Rocket To The Future!
     Image 163: Human Cannonball (Me - Crash Test Dummy) Shot From Gun at the Circus Finale (The End of the World!)

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Alien Spaceman Jesus

Important note: Read my 1986 book (at before you read this. Also, if you read this online, you will see pictures you will otherwise miss.

My Elegy and Mournful Benediction for My Late, Great Tortured Planet Earth (Convulsing In Death Rattle/Death Spiral/Death Throes/Last Gasp) - A Small, Fragile, Beautiful Blue and White Speckled Egg Shining in the Firmament

Once more we witness the Final Battle (Great Rebellion in Heaven) spill from Heaven to Earth: 'His tail swept down a third of the stars of Heaven and cast them down to Earth'. 'Industrial Civilization is close to ending, taking with it a great sweep of the global ecosystem as the machine claws at the air, the earth and the seas in a last-gasp attempt to stay alive.' And, "This time we're taking the whole planet with us!" Brown says, 'only barbarians are capable of rejuvenating a world laboring under the death throes of an unnerved civilization.'

'We are just about to go extinct, and our Collective Unconscious knows it.'

'We're running flat out on the Highway to Hell, and societal collapse is imminent.' Duck and Cover!

'When civilizations start to die they go insane.'

Demented Anti-Semite Louis-Ferdinand Celine wrote, 'When History brings all the nuts together, opens its Epic Dance Halls! Hats and heads in the whirlwind! Panties overboard!'

'Our demented Capitalist System has made America insane, and now that the game is up we all go down together !'

'♪ There must be some way out of here,' said the joker to the thief' – Bob Dylan, 'All Along The Watchtower', creatively misheard by Norman O. Brown as 'joker to the priest.'

'I want to be leaving.'

'Armageddon outta here!' - Bruce Almighty

'Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.'

'To seduce the world to madness'          (Norman O. Brown)

'Man is maniac'                (Brown)

'Resisting madness can be the maddest way of being mad.'     (Brown)

'Everybody knows there is no sanity clause!' - the Marx Brothers

'Those who cannot abandon fossilized ideas and traditions will be so subconsciously terrified
by the new energies of new times that it is said they will drop dead from their own fear.'

Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." (Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft)

'When a civilization loses it's memory, it descends into dementia.'

'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World'

"When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical may be madness. To surrender dreams, this may be madness. To seek treasures where there is only trash..too much sanity may be madness - and the maddest of all - to see life as it is, and not as it ought to be." (Don Quixote, 'Man of La Mancha.)

"I think we're all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better (and maybe not that much better after all)."    (Stephen King)

'It is as if we have all become psychic with all thoughts interpenetrating creating a global schizophrenia.'

'The outcome of psychoanalysis is the discover that magic and madness are everywhere, and dreams is what we are made of. The goal cannot be the elimination of magical thinking, or madness, the goal can only be conscious magic, or conscious madness; conscious mastery of these fires.'      (Brown)

'You'll be soorry!'     (for what you did in the bedroom!)

' We gotta get out of this place
If it's the last thing we ever do'      (The Animals)

' Goin' to a party where no one's still alive'                             (Oingo Boingo)

No one gets out of here alive!

Pierre Berthelot's (1827-1907) 'prophecy' , “Within a hundred years (from 1907 = approximately the 2010s).. God will come down to Earth with his big ring of keys (to Hell and to Death) and say to humanity, “Gentlemen, it is closing time.” The End is Near!

What follows is a rough draft transcript (subject to change when I actually give it) of my inaugural address (presumably in Washington, D.C.?) before global television at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions! - corpses laying on the ground - my Fairy Dump - rabbits running in the ditch. Megadeath! My Cleansing/Purification/Culling/Planetary Enema/Secret Rapture of the Earth in My Conflagration at World's End! Feel free to believe what I've set down here are the ravings of a madman, because that is precisely what they are! I have assembled this book in a series of vignettes. Norman O. Brown, my mentor, used a similar technique. It has been said of Brown's later books, (note: many quotes by or about Brown are colored brown to help distinguish them from my contribution. You'll note each time I switch from Brown's prose to mine a falloff in nuance and subtlety. Comparatively my writing is plodding and pedestrian and propagandistic.) 'They are largely a dazzling, nonlinear patische of fragments and quotations from different writers which Brown has made his own and, whatever the source, one can assume the voice is that of Brown'. Also, Brown says, 'His producers are they not his consumers?, and, “Really it is not I who am writing this crazy book. It is you, and you, and you, and that man over there, and the girl at the next table.” The boundary separating actor and spectator is a false one, concealing the deeper reality of the collective authorship. The multitude is many Authors.' Neither Brown nor I are creative or original thinkers, and both are well aware of our limited competency. We both collect/assemble familiar ideas and quotes in novel ways to provide a new perspective (and that express our own ideas). We both use a kitchen sink approach, throwing anything that seems pertinent in. 'In this 'Iron Age' we're left with fragments which we compartmentalize. Like a thousand piece puzzle but we only have a few pieces.' The net result for both of us is a Christmas tree Doorstop festooned with incomprehensible scraps of phrases and slogans that land with a thud. And, 'A picture is worth a thousand words': in addition to books, I concentrate on sleuthing out and assembling clues of the hidden agenda of the media (films and rock music). I ask 'What's wrong with this picture?' You'll find I use terminology that may seem alien to Christianity: ghosts, wizards, witches and fairies. Part of the problem that the King James Bible mistranslated the word sorcery referring to potions.

This is strictly adult material. This is off limits to children, and this means you! I'm dealing with two perspectives here: that of the present, but also the point after I have raptured everyone out. If your jaw didn't drop when you read my 1986 book, I 1000% guarantee it will drop now!() Be afraid, be very afraid! I repeat my annoyance at you 'Christians' who have repeatedly attacked my site. Jesus prophesied that all prophets must get stoned. Your scurrilous, underhanded attacks prove what you really are – Pharisees who observe the letter of the Law, but not the Spirit. You are shortly going to be rewarded by your Master for your faithful service! Don't shoot the messenger! Get a life and stop giving me trouble! You know that if you faced me in a one on one debate, I would wipe you out! If you are angry at what I say, simply vent at my guestbook with specific criticisms. (The numerous songs can be skipped on first reading. Don't get bogged down and miss the forest for the trees: skip songs and sections in colored type the first time through). You may feel this is a spoof or hoax and laugh. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not! I've set my Timebomb Ticking Over Sodom, my Final Countdown!

' We're leaving together
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
To earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground           (the Secret Rapture)
Will things ever be the same again?

It's the final countdown
The final countdown
'                                           (Europe)

So, finally, it all begins next Topic!

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Introducing Myself
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(The time is midnight E.S.T. I stand before global television to explain my rapturing out billions. I made the broadcast at the midnight hour (a time of special insight for Christians - 'the Horn blows at midnight' - the 'Midnight Call') to help prevent the possibility that any children would see this, although in different time zones around the world children are up). Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm addressing you from Washington, D.C., the political capital of Hell. I have descended here from Heaven to the pit of Hell to address you. (I had a career here as a Fed scientist until I retired.)

Before I begin, I want to insist that no children view this broadcast. This is off limits to anyone under 12 years old. Leave the room, and go to bed! This Adult Education. You will find that I talk fast in nearly inaudible whisperings, that I change the subject frequently, and in general it will come across as the incoherent gibberish and ravings of a madman. It's brain salad surgery (PsyOps brainwashing = Christian 'washed in the blood'). But I have all my ducks in a row. You'll wake up tomorrow morning and go 'what did he say?' You'll try to remember, but you'll have a hard time. I urge you to record this address and to watch it several times, as each time you'll pick up more.

You'll notice that I will be talking a lot about myself this evening. This is because the more you know about where I'm coming from, the better off you'll be. Let me formally introduce myself. You've seen me before, but now I'm going to reveal who I really am. Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever seen a spook? Now you can say you've seen a ghost. I'm the Ghost with the Most. I'm the Whispering Ghost. I'm the Whistling Skull. I'm the Space Ghost:

The Space Ghost (Me)

You have seen many ghosts. My colleagues are on practically every street corner in every city around the world, ranting and raving and spouting gibberish (street corner rabid lunatics). When you look at me you'll see that I have no eyes - empty sockets instead (waving my hand in front of my face).

' Jeepers! Creepers!
Where did you get those eyes?
Gosh all git up!
How'd they get so lit up? -
How they hypnotize!'

'♪ the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night/And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger' (Survivor)

We say, “You look like you've seen a ghost”, a pale look of utter shock, surprise, and/or fright. Brown notes that when you turn to stone, the blood drains from your face and it turns pale white. We space aliens are starry eyed, and have an eye contact problem. Note many native men have such poor eye contact.

' ♪ You said you'd never compromise
With the mystery tramp, but know you realize
He's not selling any alibis
As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes'

You never turned around to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns
When they all come down and did tricks for you

You never understood that it ain't no good
You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you                                             (Bob Dylan)

' ♪ eyes without a face                                                     (reversal – face without eyes!)
Got no human grace your eyes without a face.'                                            (Billy Idol)

I am an Invisible Man. There is no person here, never has been and never will be. You are looking at a total vacuum. There is nothing here - only empty dead air. When you look at me you see no person - you are looking directly at my Id - my seething, bubbling unconscious. Brown calls the unconcious a 'cauldron of seething excitement.' I'm unhinged and the lid has been lifted back. And most people find it highly disturbing to look on the face of the Lord, my face. We shamans prefer to wear masks to hide it. 'Who was that Masked Man?' (the Lone Ranger).

In fact, I'm a raving lunatic, and this insanity I have is a deadly poison. Most of my fellow mad people are bottom feeders. With this disease, we are incompetent to keep ourselves together, and we fall to the bottom, with many becoming homeless, committing suicide or drugging themselves into oblivion (self medicating). It makes us into total misfits. DOAs - Dead on Arrival. Jesus, a poor Jewish peasant, was a bottom feeder also. Jesus is happy as an underdog thrown under the bus here in Hell as the scapegoat in the face of attacks by militant secular atheists and the brain dead Politically Porrect, by Muslims and New Age pluralists. He will rise again! When you're on the bottom, you look up at all the so-called leaders, and you know that all of them are the wrong people. 'The sheep look up.' Joyce says, 'Lowest basemeant in hystry!' As Jesus said, 'Thou hast hidden these things from sages and men of discernment, and hast unveiled them to babes.' If you have ears to hear, Jesus was himself also mad. 'Jesus' family considered him to be "beside himself" and wanted to throw him over a cliff.' Jesus disowns his family; they in turn think he's gone mad. 'When his family heard about it, they went to restrain him, because they kept saying, "He's out of his mind (Mk 3:21)! The gods must be crazy! Jesus was very sensitive to natural disasters, because, like them, as a madman he was walking dynamite liable to explode at a moment's notice with all the force of an earthquake (a walking timebomb). Jesus was a piece of human waste – human garbage. And so am I. A significant number of theologians, and I also, believe Jesus was a bastard. Jews thought he was the bastard son (mamser) of a Roman centurion. The idea of virgin birth arose because an Old Testament scripture was mistranslated. But Brown notes, 'Annunciations, messages, messengers, angels, having intercourse with the daughters of men, making pregnant through the ear; angels or birds, winged words or doves of the spirit. The flying bird or angel is an erection or winged phallus. - A supernatural pregnancy: “A being, be it man or woman, who has the Holy Ghost within him is pregnant or full of semen and in ejaculating words of prophesy the wizard either ejaculates semen or gives birth to a child.' We, the gods, live in a parallel universe right next door to this one – the Other World/hyperdimension/astral plane right in front of you if you but open your Third Eye/Second Sight/Double Vision/Seeing the Light/Spark of the Divine/Doors of Perception. 'For double the vision my Eyes do see/And a double vision is always with me,' (visionary seer William Blake, said by many to be mad). Jesus instructs us, 'Seek and ye shall find.'   I stepped through the looking glass on my mission. According to the Doors, ' Break on through to the other side.'

Just like Jesus, I am here to serve. I don't want you to worship me. Should you trust me? Give me an inch, and I'll take a mile! I'll hog the spotlight and grandstand. You don't have to believe a thing I say. Believe what you want. For example, you may believe I'm the Antichrist, which I deny.Antichrist

But believe what you want. Your beliefs don't concern me. I'm here to straighten out your behavior, specifically, as you will see, your behavior in the bedroom. That is the special mission I'm on.

When you see me, you've seen the Father. 'Every eye shall see Him' (global TV). 'There can be only One.' according to the movie 'Highlander' and my 1986 Chosen One 'prophesy' ('Let the right one in.' - the right ghost.)

Both Jesus and I are in fact wizards (all the magic and 'miracles' he did, any competent Hindu fakir (= faker) can do). I am the second most powerful wizard that has ever walked the face of this earth. Jesus is better than me for two reasons. Jesus was working in his thirties, half my age. He has me beat, because his member would come up better than mine. I'm twice the age he was when he was preaching, and mine doesn't come up like it used to. Also, he had sharp wit and eloquence and always said the right thing. Jesus advised, 'When you are put on trial in synagogues or in front of rulers and authorities, don't worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say. (although one can ask how that worked out for the crucified Jesus).' Jesus (and not Marxist ideology or the contemporary with Jesus revolutionary Zealots who attempted to storm their enemies by force) attempt to follow an unpolitical “zig zag” (sideways) swerve in the face of power. By contrast, I tend to ramble (the gibbering of the mad I mutter).
'♪ Come on down and meet your maker      (See you in Hell!)

Come on down and take the stand

Oh I have been out searching 
With the black book in my hand 

And I've looked between the lines that lie on the pages that I tread 
I met the walking dude,religious, in his worn down cowboy boots 
And he walked liked no man on earth 
I swear he had no name (had no name) 
I swear he had no name 

Come on down and meet your maker
Come on down and make the stand
Come on down, come on down
Come on down, we'll make the stand

As I crawled beneath the searchlights 
Looking through the floorboards of this life 
I met Doctor Strangelove's cousin 
He bore the marks of time 
"Hey! Trashcan where you going boy 
Your eyes are feet apart 
Is that the end you're carrying 
Shall I play the funeral march (play the march) Play the funeral march"
Come on down and meet your maker Come on down and make the stand Come on down, come on down Come on down, we'll make the stand Come on down and meet your maker Come on down and make the stand Come on down, come on down Come on down, we'll make the stand When I looked out the window On the hardship that had struck I saw the seven phials open The plague claimed man and son Hats bowed down in grace A simple wooden cross, It had no epitaph engraved It had no epitaph engraved. Come on down & meet your maker Come on down & make the stand Come on down, come on down, Come on And make the stand Come roll out the red carpet come buglar sound the horn the hero is returning you've got to welcome him to his home Don't say I didn't warn you this prophecy is coming true I can hear cavalry thundering (The Alarm)

You have met your maker. You object that you see nothing but a lunatic standing here. But, I, God, did make you in the following sense. I set the rules for you to live by – the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. If you disobey my rules and go to Hell, as always, I get my willie working below my belt and rapture you devils out. It was always ambiguous about who would be raptured out. Would it be the Elect or would it be the Lost? The answer is both! Anybody and everybody that I could remove I wanted gone. 'The Bible predicts that the good people will be taken while New Age trance-channelers are being told that the bad people will be taken.''Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.' You who are Left Behind that I am addressing are the same mix as those I removed (the Before and After). Who was right: The Catholics with no rapture or the Fundamentalists? The answer is that neither was! We did have the rapture, but it was simply me laying out as many corpses as I could. As they say, 'God (me) rains on the just and the unjust alike.' Every one I raptured, including the Fundamentalists went nowhere except to their graves, becoming wormfood. My planet is in emergency mode, with billions of you devils running around destroying it. I'm getting ready to give you the Judgment. I wash my hands of you a la Pontius Pilate! I would like nothing better that to stick the lot of you devils is a gas chamber and slam the door shut! Once again, I, Baron Frankenstein, declare another botched laboratory experiment. 'Zombie Capitalism: Global Crisis and the Relevance of Marx,' Chris Harman: 'Like the wild-eyed Dr Frankenstein channeling electricity through his creation to give it life, our rulers have plowed untold billions of dollars into the global economy to keep it afloat, leaving us with lumbering, unstable and dangerous "zombie capitalism", threatening not only crises and war but the environmental destruction of the planet.' (blasphemy = arrogantly usurping/appropriating the prerogatives of God)

Wild-eyed Baron Frankenstein (Me) Maniacally Shouts It's Alive!

The peasant mob brandishes torches and pitchforks and storms (my) Frankenstein's castle as it goes up in flames in my Conflagration at the End of the Show/End of the World. (barbarians at the gate.)

I have to remove you, so I can start over again with a new Adam and Eve. Get off my planet, you devils! This way to the gas, ladies and gentlemen! Hitler's 'showers' were unconsciously the slime I rain down from my Heavenly perch (Great White Throne)! Get off my planet! I (a weird Holy Man) sit on top of Holy Mountain as King of the World and roll boulders from above down on mankind that dares to scale it = storm Heaven). The Kingdom of Heaven “suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.” (i. e. attempt to violently storm Heaven.) I've had it with you! In many ways, you Remnant (the Left Behind) who will go through the Great Tribulation are worse off than those I removed. 'And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.'

' All I need is a TV-show, that and the radio
Down on my luck again, down on my luck again
I can show you, I can show you, some of the people in my life
I can show you, I can show you, some of the people in my life
It's driving me mad
just another way of passing the day
- -
You're just another face that I know from the TV-show
I have known you for so very long, I feel you like a friend
Can't you do anything for me, can I touch you for a while
Can I meet you another day and we can fly away
- -
Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on again (floodgates of Heaven I open to rain slime! My (God's) Deadly Blessing!)
Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on again - -'    (my multiple Rapture)        (Phil Collins)

You are made in my image. 'Let us make man in our image.' (plural) This simply means that you don't have to live with continuous mental and physical pain that we mad people - specifically the gods - feel every day from sunup to sundown every second of our lives. For one of us, every seconds counts. We live on borrowed time, our very life is at stake. I'm an involuntary witness – 'Can I get a witness?' What I have is contagious, infectious and deadly. Don't come close to me! Let sleeping dogs lie! 'People who are paranoid or delusional with their wild-eyed cackle subconsciously signal others to stay away.' The Wolf Man was lucky, because he shape-shifted only once a month at the full moon. I, by contrast, shape-shift all day long from second to second. I melt down and reform myself into a another person regularly (that's what it is to be a ghost). It is incredibly painful to try to maintain one shape for very long. I'm Ray Bradbury's alien telepathic empath shapeshifter who can't control the shape shifting. 'The shape shifter is the changeling——like the devil that “hath the power to assume a pleasing shape” (Shakespeare), or the liquid metal terminator in 'Terminator 2.' As shapeshifter, you've seen a few of my numerous aliases here: The Space Ghost, Baron Frankenstein, The Shadow, Captain Nemo, Mr. Wizard, Space Alien Klaatu, Alien Sex Fiend, etc., because "You and I, are we not the same? . . . Sometimes I cannot tell myself ...” - -We are all Brown's ONE BODY (Allmen) on the Collective Unconscious. If I get around anyone, involuntarily, I form myself into a duplicate of them. Part of the power I possess is to temporarily pass on to you the continual pain I feel (Mass Psychosis - the correct name for what is known in Fundie circles as the Secret Rapture - see my 1986 book). The source of the pain we mad people feel is you with all the evil deeds you do. When you do your evil deeds, we are put into pain - (breaking in to the weird voice of the Shadow: 'Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Years ago in the Orient, he learned the strange and hypnotic power that allowed him to cloud men's minds (amnesia) so that they can not see him.)'

'Return to Sender!' 'What goes around comes around!' 'Right back at ya!' 'Fight fire with fire!' I, like Jesus, the Man of Constant Sorrow, the Suffering Servant, took on the cross the sins of the world. '♪ I'm a man of constant sorrow/I've seen trouble all my days'  (Bob Dylan). Similarly, the Greek god Atlas took the world on his shoulder and upheld the pillars of the world. “The globe is tottering as the tired-of-it-all American Atlas has shrugged." ('Atlas Shrugged' is a novel by Russian born anticommunist Ayn Rand where the greater the Titan's effort the heavier the world bore down on his shoulders.) Slavoj Žižek in 'God in Pain: Inversions of Apocalypse' notes 'Only a suffering God can save us,' an appropriate supplement to Heidegger's 'Only a God Can Save Us.' 'Righteous suffering takes on the pain of others and bears it in their place.' Brown says, 'The event remains trivial for those who do not have eyes to see. And so God remains hidden; or rather an open secret. And everything is told in parables, that seeing the may not perceive. The mystery of meaning remains forever inviolate; there is no literal truth. Truth riding on a donkey; as foolishness. He hath no form or comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him. - Infinity in a grain of sand. - To see symbolism is to see a humiliated God. To break with the power-principle. Christ must suffer.'

' Everyday with You, Lord is sweeter than the day before'. We mad people are here to help remove the pain of everyday life. For a while, you get to walk in my shoes. And when you do so, you drop dead in your tracks - it's my deadly blessing! (I start singing the rock song): ' I got the power! I got the power!' (by Rainbow). Indeed, I do have the power, and it's is a deadly poison! Out of all the millions of mad people on the planet right now, probably less than a handful possess all the powers I have. Madness is incurable, and there is a progressive deterioration. I am at the final stages of a fatal disease as I've plunged into madness. My brain has melted into goo, and I'm in continuous physical pain. Jesus, of course, had the same affliction. Again, the gods must be crazy! Try to put Jesus on a couch and he would shortly be fitted for a straitjacket (“Sure Jesus, you regularly converse with invisible spirits?”). Mad people such as I are instantly and permanently into the mystic, but not by choice. There have been numerous highly evolved spiritual beings on this planet, but madness is a cheap and easy way to instantly get to the mystic. Such people can develop psi powers such as the power to spin objects (psychokinesis). The use of spinning hypnotic spirals is a way to induce a hypnotic trance whereby psychic powers can be accessed. Occult powers are often vilified as 'sludge' because they dip into the their source, the Collective Unconscious. '♪ I'm a man of constant sorrow/I've seen trouble all my days'     (Bob Dylan). 'Paranormal perceptions are in themselves unconscious, manifesting in dreams and other involuntary channels. Hence there is a very real flavor of psychosis. - The denizens of the paranormal are tricky, unreliable, deceptive.' 'Schizophrenics exist in a continuous dream-like state (trance).' 'The visions and sounds schizophrenic patients see and hear are real to them.' Schizophrenic visions as manifestations of the Collective Unconscious: 'Schizophrenia taps into the collective unconscious and its powerful and disturbing archetypal energies.' - so that others are uneasy around them. All such as psychic/paranormal/extrasensory perception/telepathy/ESP/clairvoyance/mind-reading/second sight/sixth sense/third eye/double vision/occult phenomena are real, and magic as such is real. But all are usually temporary phenomena, uncontrollable and unpredictable. 'My problem is I have a Sixth Sense, but am minus the other five (Holy Fool)!'

Holy Man Moses, for that matter, also had the same affliction. He was his own special effects man, as when he bested the Egyptian wizards in his magic duels. I, like Moses, am accompanied by my magic wand. It's below my belt. Norman O. Brown in CLOSING TIME quotes James Joyce's FINNEGANS WAKE, 'He lifts up the lifewand and the dumb speak.' At one point during the Exodus, the Hebrews he was leading decided that Moses was out to kill them. After all, they knew he was mad. When they protested to him, Moses dropped two of them dead in their tracks (the number may be wrong - I can't find the passage). Moses said that God struck them down, but it was really only Moses doing the special effects. (Perhaps I was thinking of Aaron's two sons dead when they approached the Ark of the Covenant in Leviticus).

I'm the Captain!
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Captain Nemo (I Play My Heavenly Pythagorean Lyrical Music Of The Spheres)

I, Captain Nemo, am the captain of this ship - always have been and always will be. But, as passengers, I advise you to stroll over the decks to the railings and look over the side of the ship. You see the name 'Titanic' painted on the side. Now look down at the waterline. There's a huge gash, and we're taking on water. You're aboard a Ship of Fools! 'our “Titanic” (planet Earth) veers madly toward the iceberg of global collapse.' We're going down! Soon we'll be underwater! Glub! Glub! Not much time left! Glub! Glub!

Brown quotes Joyce, 'Are you not danzzling on the age of a vulcano?' - Slipping Toward The Abyss.

' Ride, captain ride
Upon your mystery ship
,          (My Gliding Fairy Boat/Death Star/Heavenly Throne Perch from which I drop slime bombshells on the dolls!)
Be amazed at the friends
You have here on your trip.

Ride captain ride
Upon your mystery ship,
On your way to a world
That others might have missed
'.           (Blues Image)

' All hands on deck, we've run afloat!' I heard the captain cry
'Explore the ship, replace the cook:, let no one leave alive!'
Across the straits, around the Horn:
how far can sailors fly?
A twisted path, our tortured course, and no one left alive                                            (Procol Harum)
We sailed for parts unknown to man, where ships come home to die
No lofty peak, nor fortress bold, could match our captain's eye

'♪ Everybody, listen to me,
And return me, my ship.
I'm your captain, I'm your captain,
Though I'm feeling mighty sick

I've been lost now, days uncounted,
And it's months since I've seen home.
Can you hear me, can you hear me,
Or am I all alone

Am I in my cabin dreaming, or are you really scheming,
To take my ship away from me?

I can feel the hand, of a stranger,
And it's tightening, around my throat.
Heaven help me, Heaven help me,
Take this stranger from my boat.

I'm your captain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm getting closer to my home ...
'                                            (Grand Funk Railroad)

' It was way past midnight
And she still couldn't fall asleep
This night the dream was leavin'
She tried so hard to keep
And with the new day's dawning
She felt it drift away
Not only for a cruise
Not only for a day
Too long ago
Too long apart
She couldn't wait another day for
The captain of her heart'                                            (Double)

' Great Titanic struck an iceberg, people had to run and pray -

God moves, God moves, God moves, ah, people had to run and pray'      (" God Moves On The Water)"

' Now at midnight all the agents
And the superhuman crew
Come out and round up everyone
That knows more than they do
Then they bring them to the factory
Where the heart-attack machine
Is strapped across their shoulders          (the Ball and Chain – the Old Lady) -

Praise be to Nero’s Neptune
The Titanic sails at dawn
And everybody’s shouting
“Which Side Are You On?”
And Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot
Fighting in the captain’s tower'          (Bob Dylan)

'The enigmatic gods of ancient Sumer, Egypt, India and Peru all hail from the fabulous times before the Flood.' 'All the old myths and legends (Atlantis, the Flood, and so on) embody psychological and not historical truths. Ancients communicated with the future by creating myths and legends, poems and songs, dances and rituals for receptive people to decode or, more often, that plant a seed in the unconscious mind of the listener. They communicated with the future through direct personal transmission to disciples. Seeing also the imminent demise of their cultures, they founded lineages and hid them within the destroyer civilizations.'

' The antediluvian kings colonized the world
All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas
In all legends from all lands were from far Atlantis.

Knowing her fate,
Atlantis sent out ships to all corners of the Earth.
On board were the Twelve:

The poet, the physician, The farmer, the scientist,
The magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends.
Though Gods they were -
And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind
Let us rejoice
And let us sing
And dance and ring in the new Hail Atlantis!

Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be,
I wanna see you some day
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up,
oh yeah Oh club club, down down, yeah
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah'
(I used Glub! Glub! in place of club club.      Donovan).

The Joke
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I want to start off with a little humor. Speakers always begin with a joke:

I notice these days that so many of you have piled on the pounds, you're getting the love handles, you've ballooned up and some of you are so rolypoly that you're round like a beachball. There is a reason you're that way. Just like pigs herded to the slaughterhouse are fattened up so that the flavor is improved, we, the fairies, have stuffed you full of fairy food - junk food laden with fat and calories. This is so that when we slice you up and cook you, the fat gives more flavor. You've been fattened up for the kill! The Living Dead will eat you first! 'America has a lot of fatties -- it'll burn to a cinder beautifully.'

Twilight Zone: Cookbook - To Serve Man

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