Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summary Table of Human Destiny - as Inscribed in Mythic History (the Book of Life/the Akashic Records):
     Step 1: Godless, Earth-Devouring, Monstrous Giants: Murderous Alpha Chimp proto Homo sapiens
     Step 2: True Homo sapiens: Matriarchal Collective - Band of Brothers - Tribal People (Primitive Communism) (about              90,000 years)
     Step 3: 'Wrong Turn' into Civilization (about 10,000 years) – Winner Take All Patriarchy - Social Darwinism
             Descent/Profanation into the Rich, Corrupt, Decadent, Sedentary, Coercive, Cosmopolitan Matriarchal              Whore of Babylon (Utopia of the Dolls)
     Step 3: Group Hive Mind Matriarchal Coercive Collective Forms Up with Queen Bee Narcissistic, Immature              Self-Sacrificing, Expendable, Volunteer Kamikaze, Telepathic Self-Destructive Altruistic Drone Angels
             The 'Useful Idiot' Nutjob, Angel Hive Drone Bees Swarm for Attack in the War Between Heaven and Earth( =              the Death Star is Fired to Cleanse and Cull the Earth to Prepare It for the Final Step = The Rapture =              The Implosion = Civilization Takedown/Ascension)
     Step 4: Patriarchy Restored at a Higher Level as the Cycle Begins Again – The Angels/Immortals/Eternals              Descend with the Lord (Me) to Bring Heaven Down to Earth (The New Jerusalem - Uncoerced True Communism)

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