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The Collective Group Hive Mind will not suffer from the clumsiness and inefficiencies associated with Command Economies - the Old-Fashioned, mostly defunct, coerced Stalinist Communist regimes. Brown says of his work, 'His producers are they not his consumers?, 'The readers of Finnegans Wake are also its writers, for the book forces them to participate actively in creating the meaning of the text.' and “Really it is not I who am writing this crazy book. It is you, and you, and you, and that man over there, and the girl at the next table.” It is the way to the unification of the human race. 'The map of the soul's groupography.'

V For Vendetta

'V For Vendetta' - Norman O. Brown's ONE BODY (Allmen)

Note the many Muslims named Muhammad and, similarly, the numerous Latins named Jesus or Maria. They're making a statement that they all want to be one and the same (on the Collective Unconscious) = Brown's ONE BODY. The "vendetta mask" became 'a symbol of the Occupy Wall Street movement.'

Drone Legions

Ardent capitalist David J. Foran in 'Erroneous' Drones: Saving the Economy from Legions of Self-Destructive Liberals', 'Erroneous' Drones are the the pawns, the useful (expendable, volunteer self-destructive) idiots and followers of the Occupy Wall Street uprising in 'V for Vendetta' Guy Fawkes masks, the mindless individuals including lazy, “parasitic loafers” who live off the hard work of others and controlled or influenced largely by others pulling their strings.' He details 'the wicked web of radical groups at work in our country and their shared socialist ideology, sending America on the road to nihilism and barreling blithely toward financial disaster.' 'That things are 'status quo' is the catastrophe.' (Frankfurt School founding member Walter Benjamin). 'The real dreamers are the ones who think that things can go on indefinitely as they are. Far from being dreamers, they are waking from a dream that has turned into a nightmare. They are not destroying anything, but reacting to a system that is in the process of gradually destroying itself. The protesters were simply calling on those in power to look down to the abyss opening up beneath their feet - sucked down the hatch/rabbit hole - the Implosion.' (Slavoj Žižek on the Occupy Wall Streeters). Brown quotes Joyce, 'Are you not danzzling on the age of a vulcano?'
'The group mind/hive mind is a single, collective consciousness or intelligence occupying many bodies or entities formed by telepathy (wired together on the Collective Unconscious) with (almost) complete loss of individuality, identity, and personhood. A small caste at the top control a mass of slave (brain dead string-pulled knee-jerk, weak, effeminate pantywaist sissie - I want my Mommy!) tactical attack drones/robots/zombies at the bottom.' Angel Warriors are the collective (hive) drone Army sent down to Earth gathered for the Final Battle (spilling out of the Clouds in the Spiritual War). These are a special breed of kamikaze 'insane' beserker volunteers and are variously referred to as Battle Droids/drones/cruise missiles/dim-witted soulless robot warriors/zombies/clowns/clones/fools/propeller heads/space cadets/mooks/goons/minions/drudges/self-destructive crash test dummies/Suicide Bombers/beserkers/Jihadis/martyrs/kamikazes who altruistically commit hara-kiri for the sake of the Group Matriarchial Hive Queen/Queen Bee circling and peeling off in a desperate dive bomb suicidal crash attack. One example is the 'Star Trek' Matriarchial Wraith Hive Queen/Queen Bee aboard the massive Wraith Mothership of 'Stargate Atlantis' that houses cocoons in which humans are stored for later feeding. Also, the 'Star Trek' Borg Matriarchial Hive Queen Bee who is the central locus of the Borg Collective. She brings order to the legions of voices within the Hive mind "speaks" for the Collective "one who is many." 'The voice of the Collective has a buzzing, humming multi-track resonant quality.' "I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. I am the Borg," “Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” and "Human, we used to be exactly like them. Weak, flawed, organic." - states the Borg Matriarchial Hive Queen Bee. The Borg generally did not assimilate individuals, and instead preferred to target larger groups such as the crews of Starships and the populations of planets. Borg Collective Hive Tactical Attack Drones adapt instantaneously to any type of attack are utterly without mercy or compassion. Individuality and free will in a hive mind is sacrificed for the whole. The Borg is the “Collective Other that does not suffer from the clumsiness and inefficiencies associated with Command Economies.” (Old-Fashioned, mostly defunct, coerced Stalinist Communist regimes.) The "Manchurian Candidate" kamikaze tactical attack drones are neither male nor female in a reproductive sense (de-sexed, genderless.) Quoting, “not a he, not or a she; not like anything you've ever seen.” 'Harm one of us and you harm us all.' After killing a Borg Drone, more Drones will respawn in their place repeatedly, with no limit.

'Star Trek's Captain Picard's Humanity is drained as he is coercively, symbiotically assimilated and transformed into the Borg's Central Voice of the Collective Hive.

'Doctor Who' is also Borg-arized by the psychotic, robotic Cybermen as he plays them in a Chess Game. 'Humanity has no chance of beating the Cybermen, so the humans do the only thing they know to do: Blow up the whole galaxy! Terrible, sure, but "No more galaxy, no more Cybermen!" The Final Solution! Implosion! Megadeath! Patriarchy (My Holy Mountain) Restored.

The Matriarchial Hive Queen

The Matriarchial Hive Queen Bee's Glassy-Eyed Minions/Tactical Attack Drones! Feel the Buzzz! Note the dull, dazed, uncomprehending expression staring fixedly - a blank, vacant look (hypnotized). They feel no fear, willingly sacrifice individuals for "the greater good" (kamikaze altruism - the self-sabotaging Death Drive) and are as impersonally destructive as a tidal wave - Megadeath!. I want my Mommy! Mommy's immature weak, effeminate pantywaist boys/tactical drones attack! Believe! Conform! They will restore patriarchy to the Earth. Long-term monogamy is an artifact of Western civilization. The social imposition of monogamy and controls on sexual behavior in the West has had hugely beneficial consequences on the society as a whole, including greater investment in children. Repeating, Morgan wrote of an original (infamous, nefarious according to Vico) promiscuity and group marriage prior to matriarchal law. In the Marxist tradition, prehistoric matriarchy refers to pre-class (tribal) society "where women and men shared equally in production and power,” introduced by Bachofen and Morgan. The Neolithic Revolution (about 10,000 yrs. ago) converted matriarchal tribal societies by force of arms into warrior-dominated patriarchal societies. For Marxist Bebel, 'the authority of Mother Right meant communism, equality for all; the appearance of father Right meant supremacy of private property and class rule (aka Civilization)' – the emergence of Civilization and the Fall into patriarchal dominion. But restoration of patriarchy will reimpose monogamy and controls on sexual behavior. Humming Hypnotoad (me) will put all the women under my spell and put them to sleep. I'm the Dim-Witted Dudley Do-Right altruistic Goody Two-Shoes Drone/Angel Flier sent to Cull/Cleanse in order to restore balance to the Earth.

Repeating, the Hypnotoad is a large alien toad with pulsating, multicolored spiraling eyes which emit a creepy loud, ominous buzzing drone. It has the power to hypnotize almost any living thing at will, even mass numbers of creatures. It can hypnotize subjects into committing suicide (to wash away their need to live and make them into kamikazes to take over the world – OBEY!). (From 'The Day the Earth Stood Stupid' episode of 'Futurama.' = dumbing down). ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!' Žižek has a 'morbid attraction to self-sacrificial death' (the kamikaze altruistic Death Drive). 'The Death Drive involves self-sabotage, it makes us act AGAINST our own interests. The Death Drive is the name for what DISTURBS the homeostatic mechanism of rational pleasure-seeking, the weird reversal where I sabotage my own interests.' (Slavoj Žižek). 'This is the Death Drive that informs altruism for Lacan. Concern for the whole of humanity is expressed in the ecstatic fantasy of its destruction - Megadeath! People who commit altruistic suicide subordinate themselves to collective expectations, even when death is the result and is unlikely to occur much in modern western society where “individual personality" is increasingly freed from the collective personality - except for loose cannon nutjobs. The 'Death-Drive Does Not Think' - - such as mindless tactical attack drone Angel Fliers who subordinate themselves to the collective good (altruistic martyrdom) or kamikaze pilots or the cult of the suicide bomber group's honor.'

Summary Table of Human Destiny - as Inscribed in Mythic History (the Book of Life/the Akashic Records):
     Step 1: Godless, Earth-Devouring, Monstrous Giants: Murderous Alpha Chimp proto Homo sapiens
     Step 2: True Homo sapiens: Matriarchal Collective - Band of Brothers - Tribal People (Primitive Communism) (about              90,000 years)
     Step 3: 'Wrong Turn' into Civilization (about 10,000 years) – Winner Take All Patriarchy - Social Darwinism
             Descent/Profanation into the Rich, Corrupt, Decadent, Sedentary, Coercive, Cosmopolitan Matriarchal              Whore of Babylon (Utopia of the Dolls)
     Step 4: Group Hive Mind Matriarchal Coercive Collective Forms Up with Queen Bee Narcissistic, Immature              Self-Sacrificing, Expendable, Volunteer Kamikaze, Telepathic Self-Destructive Altruistic Drone Angels
             I, God, the Wizard of Oz Madman Mastermind Kingpin Behind the Curtain, String-Puller Puppetmaster              Sender Launch My 'Useful Idiot' Nutjob, Crash Test Dummy, Angel Flier, Hive Drone Bees to Swarm for Attack              in the War Between Heaven and Earth( = the Death Star is Fired to Cleanse and Cull the Earth to Prepare It              for the Final Step = The Rapture = The Final Solution! The Implosion/Megadeath! = Civilization              Takedown/Ascension)
     Step 5: Finale: Patriarchy (My Holy Mountain) Restored at a Higher Level as the Cycle Begins Again –
             My Flying Angels/Immortals/Eternals Descend with the Lord (Me) to Bring Heaven Down to Earth (The New              Jerusalem - Uncoerced True Communism)

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